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How to Be the Legend You Are Here to Be

How to Master the Mindset for Success Every Day

How to Optimize Your Health for Peak Performance 

what you'll learn here: 

#32: Optimizing the Gut-Brain Axis, Top Tips for Peak Performance, the Power of Using the Wheel of Life, Daily Routines for Optimal Performance, Key Gut Health Supplements and Foods and more with Functional Nutritionist Elena Letyagina!

#36: Dr. David Perlmutter on Uric Acid, Metabolic Mayhem, Fructose & Your Health, Optimal Health Strategies, Reversing Metabolic Diseases, CGMs, and much more!


featured shows:

#24: Dr. Amy Killen on Sex, Skin, Orgasms for Increased Lifespan, Regenerative and Preventative Medicine, Futuristic-like Procedures for Transformation, Stem Cells, Favorite Advice, Top Tips for Anti-Aging, Dinner Party Superpowers, and more!

#37: Longevity & Biohacking Products Series #2 - Enhancing Cognitive Performance with Nootropics, Game-Changing Impact, Mental Endurance, Uplifting Your Mood, Becoming a Better Leader, and more with Matt Gallant, Co-Founder of Nootopia & BiOptimizers!

#35: The Powerful Journey to Waking Up, How Curiosity & Gratitude can Transform Your Life, Curing MS, Living from True Purpose, and Learning that “Even Hell has Joy” and much more with Coach Dr. Jenny Remington-Hobbs!


I’m Claudia von Boeselager

Peak Performance Coach, detail-loving educator, big-thinking entrepreneur, podcaster, mama, passionate adventurer, and health optimization activist here to help people transform their lives, and reach their highest potential! All rolled into one.

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Hey there!

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How? I'm obsessed with uncovering the best strategies and tools for you to make the fast yet powerful changes to optimize your life, and health, and take your business to the next level. 

My superpower is helping people become the best version of themselves while pursuing the kind of life they actually want.... one with abundant freedom, joy, and success. 

- Laura M.

I am also getting very positive feedback from everyone I have shared it with. My mother-in-law phoned me yesterday and was so moved by the whole thing that she was in tears. She was very inspired especially by Pam’s words (Episode #39).

"The podcast is fantastic!"

Five Stars:

Informative and thought-provoking topics encourage the listener to think about and act on improving their health and wellbeing. I highly recommend.

- Liz W.

"Excellent health and wellbeing podcast"

Five Stars:

- Mandy R.

Claudia had managed to put together a wide ranging group of experts who have opened my eyes to new thinking and approaches in an area that is already a passion of mine. The episodes may be on the longer side however the investment is worth it as Claudia partners her knowledge with theirs.

"Love your life, own your well-being!"

Five Stars:

- Alice H.

Very interesting topics. I’m looking forward to hearing more!

"Fantastic podcast - very informative Love your life, own your well-being!"

Five Stars:

- JonathanQuick from the U.S

Claudia is bringing on incredible guests who are at the forefront of thinking about how to improve our health. This podcast gives actionable steps on how to rethink healthcare and take health into your own hands.

"Must listen to anyone trying to improve their health"

Five Stars:

- ckrs1984 from the UK

I learned so much already. Love Claudia’s voice and insights from the interesting speakers she interviews. Enlightening! The topics are so relevant right now.


Five Stars:

- Astalair from Germany

Thank you so much for the Episode on Alzheimer. My father has this and it has given me valuable information to possibly help him and ways to prevent it for myself. A real eye opener to the future of medicine as well. Thank you, thank you thank you!!!

"A real eye opener!!!"

Five Stars:

- joelledoumit from the UK

I’m really loving this new podcast - the topics are so relevant and interesting and such great conversation! I’ve already recommended it to all my friends!

"So helpful and informative!"

Five Stars:

- mshver from the UK

Very informative podcast. I really enjoyed #2 on improving gut health.

"Amazing podcast"

Five Stars:

- philgartennispro from the U.S

A very interesting podcast for me and my friends and I look forward to more episodes.

"Lifestyle and Longevity podcast"

Five Stars:

- NikaFM from the UK

Really enjoyed there podcasts and learned lots of new useful info, especially from podcast with Elena about functional and genetic testing, improving gut health, microbiome, routine, and how science and approaches are changing.

"Amazing podcast"

Five Stars:

- _anna_oh_ from Germany

Great topics, inspiring guests and a very authentic and pleasant host! So interesting and entertaining! Thanks for sharing your insights, Claudia!

"Very interesting and eye-opening!"

Five Stars:

- murderphile from the U.S

Just found Claudia’s podcast and loving it already! 10/10 highly recommend. Keep them coming please

"Love this show!"

Five Stars:

- sarafinaite from the U.s

Very informative and really interesting topics. Love the fact that I am learning new things from each topic. Very inspiring guests!

"Amazing Podcast"

Five Stars:

-linaavila from the UK

Excellent topics.

"Looking forward to this"

Five Stars:

- ninjaloveslife from the U.S

Health is all we got and yet we push ourselves sometimes above and beyond only to realise being healthy and ultimately living better leads not only to a longer life but to a more fulfilling one. I can’t wait to listen to the next episodes and get even more inspired. Thanks for kicking this series off with a bang Claudia.

"Better version of ourselves"

Five Stars:

- MoMass from the U.S

You’re off to a great start. Keep up the work!!!!

"Great work"

Five Stars:

- Ingeborg_92_ from Germany

Great insights from health and longevity experts! So inspirational! So helpful!

"Great insights for your health"

Five Stars:

- ReninaL from the UK

Such a relevant topic and so excited to finally a female voice in this space. Looking forward to the upcoming episodes!

"Absolutely love this Podcast!"

Five Stars:

- Hans2025 from the UK

A great introduction to a new podcast, Claudia, and very interesting topics - congratulations

"Lifestyle and Longevity"

Five Stars:

- murderphile from the U.S

Just found Claudia’s podcast and loving it already! 10/10 highly recommend. Keep them coming please

"Love this show!"

Five Stars:

- Mandy

Dearest Claudia, I’ve been back listening to your beautiful podcast, thank you for this gift to the world!

"Beautiful Podcast"

Five Stars:

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