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Longevity & Biohacking Products Series #3 - What Are EMFs and What They Are Doing to Your Health, the Science Behind How Somavedic’s Devices Mitigate Harmful EMF Exposure and Improve Cellular Regeneration, Increase Energy and Positivity 

the Longevity & Lifestyle Podcast

Today’s guest is Juraj Kocar and we will dig into what exactly are EMFs and what they are doing to your health, the science behind how Somavedic’s devices not only mitigate this harmful EMF exposure, but actually also improve cellular regeneration, increase energy and positivity. | Brought to you by Somavedic. More on Somavedic below.

Juraj is an endless optimist with a passion to build and grow projects with meaning. Right now he is working on his dream project - Somavedic, a functional and broadly accessible frequency therapy device harmonizing the negative effects of EMFs (electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, wifis, etc.). Somavedic is helping people in the office and home environment to have more energy, mental clarity, and focus during the day with confirmed results from users and science labs.

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About the episode & our guest

 “Delay your gratification” - Juraj Kocar, Founder and CEO of Somavedic


Episode 53

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This episode is brought to you by Somavedic. Somavedic frequency therapy devices reliably mitigate the unwanted influences of EMF radiation from WiFi, Bluetooth, and cell phones in our homes, schools, and workplaces. The technology creates a 360-degree protection field of 100 feet in all directions by administering controlled release of energy from precious and semi-precious stones. The devices also support the body's natural regeneration processes, allowing for better sleep, energy levels, and hydration while reducing stress and anxiety. So check out Somavedic.com and start feeling the benefits today!



“The most common feedback that we get from our customers is that they're sleeping, improving. They have more energy during the day, they have fewer headaches, less brain fog. They feel more in peace and more calmer.”

“So my story is getting back to around 2012, 2013, back in the days I was struggling with my health. I know that it was the lifestyle that the university, you know, so lack of sleep too much alcohol, but after the six years,there was high blood pressure, high cholesterol, brain fog, and all that.”

“Because the doctors, they just told me like, yeah, here are the bills and this is for the rest of your life. And, I didn't want to go that road. So I very drastically changed my diet. And after six months, all the symptoms were gone and it took another one and a half years for my whole body to adapt and restore.”

“Sending like positive emotions to a glass of water for let's say a minute or so. And you could really taste the difference. “

“People are not that often sick. So we try to provide the best possible working environment when they are surrounded with all of these technologies, which is so excellent, sort of to go above and beyond. I think also for the companies that they're really taking care of their employees and because of the detrimental effects of all these EMF radiation.”


Claudia von Boeselager: Welcome to the Longevity & Lifestyle Podcast, Juraj. It's such a pleasure to have you on today.

Juraj Kocar: Thank you, Claudia, for having me.

Claudia von Boeselager: So today's topic is super interesting, especially as the world is developing and getting more wifi and Bluetooth-friendly. Can you explain for my audience, Juraj, what exactly EMFs are, and if they're all harmful to humans?

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Juraj Kocar: EMF stands for electromagnetic frequencies, or electromagnetic radiation, and, in a nutshell, it's basically those invisible waves, invisible, like, frequencies that devices communicate with each other. You know, like, cell phones, wifi, you know, your remote control. So it's zeros and ones on different frequencies that are allowing, you know, for the communication.

Claudia von Boeselager: And are they all harmful to humans? And what is exactly happening with all this EMF radiation?

Juraj Kocar: Yes. So the higher the frequency, from the data that's been published, the higher the frequency, the more harmful for our bodies. It is. Back in the day, the cell phones were on a 800 megahertz or 900. Now, you know, it's 2.4 gigahertz, and with the 5G it's increasing, like, exponentially.
So those low frequency EMS are not that harmful. There is very hard to draw a line which are harmful and which not, because the studies that were done, were done with the current technologies, you know, current wifis, current cellphones, and 5G. So yeah, the higher, the frequency, the bigger impact on our bodies.

Claudia von Boeselager: And can you talk a little bit about the impact and what the studies have shown? Like, what is the science - and I realize this is relatively new from the last years, right? But the studies that are being shown, like, what are some of the impacts and why is it so important for people to be paying attention to this?

Juraj Kocar: There are currently more than 25,000 peer-reviewed studies that are showing the negative effects of EMFs on our bodies. And there's a very wide spectrum of what the EMF is causing. You know, from interfering with our brainwaves, then that has influenced, on our sleep, on our brain fog, on our headaches, up to cardiovascular stress. Even up to things like cancer.

Because, for example, in Italy there are six cases that were confirmed with the highest court in Italy that basically the people won against the companies that the wifi caused tumors. So the spectrum is very wide. And what's going on, on a biological level, is that the EMFs are causing the influx of calcium into our cells.

The VGCCs, voltage-gated calcium channels, open when they are in EMF field and let calcium in, into our cells. And this is causing the increasing levels of free radicals, basically oxidative stress.

Claudia von Boeselager: So it's really, really fundamental. And I think as we become more, sort of, connected, if you will, as a society, you know, if you just think about the wifi, about your cell phones, even the TV remote control, you know, the Apple Watches and things like that as well.
Before we dig in a bit more into details, Juraj, I would love to hear a little bit about your story and your journey to your passion now for this field.

Juraj Kocar: Yes. So my story is getting back to around 2012, 2013. Back in the days, I was struggling with my health, you know. I know that it was the lifestyle, at the university - you know, so lack of sleep, too much alcohol - but after the six years, you know, there was high blood pressure, high cholesterol, brain fog, and all of that.

 Because the doctors, they just told me like, yeah, here are the pills and this is for the rest of your life.
And, you know, I didn't want to go that road. So I very drastically changed my diet. And, after six months, all the symptoms were gone. And it took another one and a half years for my whole body to adapt and restore.

But, after this experience, basically I had this feeling, had this calling, you know, to help people with health and wellness.
I didn't know, like, how specifically, I just know that, throughout the experience I had and the things that I've learned, I would like to do this somehow.

It was 2018. I stumbled upon some Somavedic at a friend's house. Yeah, after - you know, these were those colorful lamps were placed everywhere. And after he told me, like, this is what it is doing are some very interesting, like, feedback from customers, it just clicked and I said, yes, this is it. This is what I would like to do. How I would like to help people on a scale. And started slowly collaborating with him and, yeah, then set up the US branch in 2019 and, yeah, the rest is history -

Claudia von Boeselager: Is history. As they say. And so, let's talk about Somavedic and the products that you have. And how they help or how they mitigate these frequencies that we were talking about before. Can you walk people through to really understand the science behind them?

Juraj Kocar: So Somavedic was basically developed by Ivan. He's the inventor. He's the co-founder. And it was also because of necessity. And the principle behind Somavedic is that there's the combination of an Eastern approach to health and wellness with Western frequency therapy technology.

So you have, inside of each sematic, there are various precious stones and minerals and precious metals and energy amplifiers that are working in correlation with each other, and amplifying each other.
On top of that, we have the subtle frequency therapy technology that is amplifying the field even more so

 what Somavedic is doing is creating this coherent field around it, where our bodies are not that stressed by the external environment, as, for example, by EMFs.

Claudia von Boeselager: And what exactly happens, for someone to understand. So you've your office, you have the wifi, you have your cell phone around you the whole day, and you place one of the Somavedic devices say on your desk, or, I don't know, is there certain distances. What exactly is happening when you have one of those around?

Juraj Kocar: Thanks to the field that the Somavedic is creating, this coherent field is allowing our bodies to regenerate themselves, you know.

 'Cause it's the faster. 'Cause it's the body that is doing the actual healing and with the field of Somavedic we are allowing that to improve. So, for example, the most common feedback that we get from our customers is that they're sleep is improving, they have more energy during the day, they

 have fewer headaches, less brain fog, they feel more in peace and more calmer. And, with people that have it in office spaces - for example, we have doctors that have it - they said that they have more energy towards the end of the day, so they're more productive and they can treat more patients.

Claudia von Boeselager: Which is really incredible.
And also, for my understanding, is it that it gives out, sort of, positive energy while you're still getting the negative energy or does it act as a shield from the negative waves of EMFs?

Juraj Kocar: Yeah, that's a very important question. Somavedic is not blocking the EMF, nor any other signal. The EMS are still there.

If you would take your EMF meter, you would measure the same amount, the same levels. What the Somavedic is doing is creating its own field on top of everything. So your cell phone, your wifi, and any other device, is working, still working fine.

But you have this supportive field, this supportive field from the Somavedic.
And, the data we have, for example from Germany, are showing the improved cell regeneration in an EMF environment. That means they took human cells and placed them in a shielded environment. There were no

 EMFs. Then they took the cells and placed it in the standard environment that we live in. And then they brought Somavedic in and placed it next to them. And there was quite significant difference in the speed of cell regeneration.

So you could see that how the Somavedic is working and helping in the natural, well, let's say, the natural, working environment.

Claudia von Boeselager: In the normal lifestyle one as well.
So, can you talk specifically about these beautiful products, because in themselves they're almost like a work of art, but can you just walk through the benefits and the composition of them?

Juraj Kocar: They are literally a work of art because each Somavedic, the glass body, is hand-blown. So each one is an original.

 You know, the Czech Republic has a long history of glass factories, of traditional glass-making. So each of the glass core process are hand-blown, handmade, hand assembled, and we have, like, various types of some of attics with various admixtures, but in general, how they differentiate between each other and how you can tell in our comparison table is that there are two main differentiators.

If they are structuring the water or not. And if they are strong enough to mitigate the 5G effects.

Claudia von Boeselager: Can you walk through, for someone unfamiliar, what you mean by structuring water?

Juraj Kocar: So there was this, like, famous Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, that brought this topic to mainstream, where he was showing these beautiful photos of water crystals when you were saying, like, nice words, for example.

 And then, you know, when you were, let's say, giving out negative energy or measuring, he was doing these photos from dirty rivers. And when he took the photo, the crystal, the crystal was Celtic, and the structured water has very symmetrical and nice shape. It's almost like the shape of a snowflake. It's really nice.

And why this is important is that in our cells, there is only structured water. So that means the structured water is the most bioavailable state of water. So we get most hydration out of the same amount of water.

Claudia von Boeselager: It can basically be influenced, right, from having these positive fields around it? So if there's the negativity, it has a negative influence. And then if there's a positive field that has a positive influence as well, right? Yeah.

Juraj Kocar: Yes, yes, exactly. So currently we don't have access to structured water. It's not in the tap water. Is not in the plastic or glass waters. You can find it, of course, in flowing rivers, for example, in nature.

But if you want to have your water structured, you would need some kind of device. But what's also working is that, you know, sending, and some people might laugh but, sending, like, positive emotions to a glass of water for let's say a minute or so, and you could really taste the difference. So this is also how you can structure the water.

Claudia von Boeselager: I've seen presentations on this and it's really cool. If anyone's interested, they can research, and we'll link this in the show notes also, to check it out. And I think when you actually visually see the differences, it's just incredible what frequency and energy can actually do, which then goes to show what's happening in your environment with EMFs.

But then if you have a mitigator, like the Somavedic products as well, it's really phenomenal.
Can you talk about some of the ideal setups for people? Would you recommend having, like, several around the home and in the office and in schools? Like, what are some use cases that you would recommend for optimal benefits?

Juraj Kocar: Yeah. So as Somavedic has a quite large field, it's 100 feet radius - that means 100 feet into all directions, up, down, left, right - and the field is penetrating walls and floors. That means, in most cases, one Somavedic per household is enough. So you can place it somewhere in the middle of your apartment or home, in, let's say, living room or kitchen, where you can structure the world.

In case you would have a bigger apartment or home, then place the Somavedic a bit closer to the bedroom. Not the directly in the bedroom, but closer to the bedroom. Because, you know, the sleep is the most crucial time when our bodies are regenerating. And so we have to be very protective of this space, of the sleep. It's really important to lower the EMF exposure, especially during the night.

Claudia von Boeselager: So you said not in the bedroom, so you don't recommend having it actually in the bedroom, but near the bedroom, is that right?

Juraj Kocar: Yes. Not in the bedroom because the light is quite bright. Of course you can cover it. But, for the first days with Somavedic, we don't recommend having it in the bedroom because, you know, your body is in a different environment. And if the Somavedic is for the first few days, like, let's say, too close, it might disturb your sleep because there are different processes as detox effects going on.

Claudia von Boeselager: But I guess, after a while, your body also gets used to the different energy frequency as well, right?

Juraj Kocar: Yes. Yes, of course. This is just temporary.

Claudia von Boeselager: And I understand that you're passionate about helping companies support employees in mental health, Juraj. Can you talk about some of the initiatives that you're doing around this?

Juraj Kocar: Yes. Yes. Sure.
So we just recently launched the Actively Harmonized Space certification. And this is a program for companies that would like to create the the supportive environment of their employees, in terms of the EMF that we are talking about.

We know that they are negatively affecting our sleep, our focus, and eventually our performance. So from the data and feedback that we are getting, when we have, we know that the similarity is basically improving all of these things. Which is leading to higher efficiency. People, you know, are not that often sick.
So we try to provide the best possible working environment when they are surrounded with all of these technologies.

Claudia von Boeselager: Which is so excellent, sort of, to go above and beyond, I think, also for the companies that they're really taking care of their employees. And because of the detrimental effects of all these EMF radiations. So why not, you know, focus around helping employees to feel at their best as well.

Juraj Kocar: Yes. Yes, definitely.

Claudia von Boeselager: Amazing. A few rapid-fire questions for you. Do you have any particular morning routine that you do to set yourself up for success?

Juraj Kocar: Each morning I'm walking the dog. Early. Quite, quite early.
When there's the opportunity, I'm barefoot, with the grounding effects and everything.
I tried it once on snow, but that it was too extreme, but -

Claudia von Boeselager: The Wim Hof method.

Juraj Kocar: But, yeah, but basically most of the year it is possible to be barefoot. At least, you know, for a few minutes in the morning. So that's one.
Then, you know, I try not to eat three to four hours before going to sleep.
Yeah, and when you mentioned Wim Hoff, I'm also, you know, practicing the Wim Hof breathing method.

Claudia von Boeselager: That's a big change?

Juraj Kocar: Yes, yes, yes. Definitely. In the energy level. So yeah, I would say these three things.

Claudia von Boeselager: Are you also doing the cold exposure above and beyond the barefoot in snow?

Juraj Kocar: Not that often. The cold exposure, not that often.

Claudia von Boeselager: Yeah. It's tricky to get started, but I think some people are really addicted to it. I mean, hats off for people who really go into an ice bath, I haven't gotten that far, but I do try to have a cold shower, which will wake you up, more than anything. But it's really beneficial.

Has there been any advice that you've received, or a quote, that has been a real game changer for you?

Juraj Kocar: Yes. It's very short, but what helped me, mostly in my, you know, entrepreneurship career, is - I don't know who the quote is from - it's not even a quote, it's basically, you know, just the sentence, like, delay your gratification.

That when I was thinking about it, you know, that makes me, like, work more and delay the whatever, you know, I'm thinking about.

Claudia von Boeselager: Yeah, they actually had the test, the marshmallow test, on kids. I think it was with Stanford University. Did you hear about the marshmallow test? Yeah, exactly. Where they had three different groups of kids, basically, and if they waited 10 minutes, they would get a second marshmallow.

 And I think 1/3 of the kids ate the marshmallow straight away, they couldn't wait. Another 1/3 waited, like, two minutes and then they had the marshmallow. And then the third that managed to wait the 10 minutes and get two marshmallows - so delayed gratification - turned out that they were much more successful in life.

 They tracked them as well. So yeah, I think delayed gratification is something I also need to practice as well. Sometimes I just feel like, oh, well I've done this already, so let's do that. But, I mean, on the flip side as well, it's important to celebrate the wins, right, so it's finding that balance.

Juraj Kocar: Definitely. Definitely. Finding a balance as well, yes. Yes.

Claudia von Boeselager: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Between the two.
What trends and developments in the biohacking, longevity, health optimization space do you find most exciting?

Juraj Kocar: I'm definitely curious to see, you know, where the stem cells research will lead us. That's really, let's say, almost an industry, and I'm really curious to see what will come out of this.

And then, also, as we have the Somavedic device, you know, I'm really looking forward to expanding this kind of technology, these subtle frequency therapy technologies, into our everyday lives. You know, to become it as a standard thing or device that you buy when you are moving to, into, your home, new home or flat, that's just one of the things that you buy for your home and for your work.

Claudia von Boeselager: Yes exactly. What are some of the developments that you guys are working on at Somavedic? What are you most excited about?

Juraj Kocar: Yeah, so currently we are working on a model with a different shape. It would have the same properties, but different shape. So it would be more robust and durable. So it's easier for people to have it in their cars. For travels. 'Cause all of them have USB ports, so you can plug it everywhere or anywhere. But, you know, this will be towards the end of the year sometime.

Claudia von Boeselager: That's exciting as well. So people really have the benefits all around, which is great.
For my listeners interested in understanding more about EMFs and the science, where are some good online resources you could recommend for them to start with?

Juraj Kocar: There are some, for example, if you go to Dr. Mercola, M E R C O L A.

Claudia von Boeselager: Mercola, okay.

Juraj Kocar: Mercola, yes. So he wrote the book EMF*D. So that's really a great book on EMFs and the history and everything.
There are also studies. There are, like, various articles on his webpage.

 We have also, for example, as well, in our science page, we have different links to studies, what the EMF is causing. But also if you, you know, if you would enter, like, Stop 5G, for example, even though they, you know, sometimes are controversial, but they have a great list of studies showing the impacts of EMFs on our bodies.

Claudia von Boeselager: Amazing. And, in terms of 5G, I know for some people it's a very sensitive topic, but the Somavedic products actually give enough benefit to even, sort of, balance out 5G frequencies as well, right?

Juraj Kocar: Yes. Yes. Even in cities where currently lots of them, where the 5G is on already, running, we have, you know, people, like, writing us about finally they had a great sleep, or they don't have these, like, headaches, or brain fog, or irritations. Yes.

Claudia von Boeselager: And for people listening, it's Somavedic, is somavedic.com. And then there's the science section on there, which you mentioned there before.
For people interested in following what you're up to in Somavedic, where can people follow you?

Juraj Kocar: Yes. So, is the webpage that you already mentioned. And then is the Instagram account, @somavedic_official. So there we post, you know, what events we are attending, where we are speaking, where we are exhibiting, what are some new things in our product lineup. And of course, some interesting information there on EMFs.

Claudia von Boeselager: And the science as well. Do you have a final ask, recommendation, or any parting thoughts for my audience?

Juraj Kocar: There's one. As Somavedic is emitting this really subtle energy, you just really have to experience the Somavedic. Because we have so many barriers, like feedbacks, that we are getting from our customers.

You just have to test it for yourself. And see if it's working for you or not. And that's why we have the 60 day money back guarantee. So there's no risk, basically, to try it out for two months and see for yourself if it's helping you or not.

Claudia von Boeselager: Excellent. So, yeah, here's to a lot of happy people feeling very well and getting great sleep thanks to your products at Somavedic. Thank you so much, Juraj, for coming on today. Such a pleasure.

Juraj Kocar: Yeah, it's been a pleasure, Claudia. Thank you.

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