How to Biohack Your Hormones for Optimal Health | Davinia Taylor

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Episode 135

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Performance coach, detail-loving educator, big-thinking entrepreneur, podcaster, mama, passionate adventurer, and health optimization activist here to help people transform their lives, and reach their highest potential! All rolled into one.

“For me, biohacking is just taking control of my chemistry, my mental health. When my mental health seems to be in top form, my physical health does as well. I look after myself, I put the right ingredients in me, I exercise, I move more, I take the stairs, I do a bit more stretching, and I sleep better. The root cause is mental health because all movement begins in the brain. So I feed my brain, and the body follows. It's one of my mantras.” - Davinia Taylor, Leading Female Biohacker.

Our hormones affect quite literally everything going on inside of our body.

They affect how we think, how we feel, and how we act. They affect our blood pressure, our fertility, our metabolism, our sleep, our sex drive, and even our blood sugar.

It should come as no surprise that balancing our hormones can do wonders for our health! Here today to tell us all about it is the amazing Davinia Taylor!

Davinia is UK’s leading pioneering biohacker, bestselling author, and mother of four. 

She lived a party lifestyle while she was an actress but eventually found herself depleted and on antidepressants. That's when she discovered biohacking, which helped her lose 40 pounds, ditch the antidepressants, and transform her life and health.

Today, Davinia and I will dig into all things biohacking, women's health, sugar cravings, diet strategies, energy boosting, and much more.

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Show Notes 


Intro (00:00)
Davinia’s amazing transformation (01:37)
How to biohack your hormones (12:30)
Davinia’s favorite biohacks (23:24)
Tips for a healthier diet (30:57)
The best protocol against sugar cravings (42:15)
What Davinia eats in a day (45:09)
How to detox your body (55:48)
On longevity and the future and health (1:03:33)
Outro (1:08:04)


Intro (00:00)
Davinia’s amazing transformation (02:17)
How to biohack your hormones (13:11)
Davinia’s favorite biohacks (24:05)
Tips for a healthier diet (31:38)
The best protocol against sugar cravings (42:56)
What Davinia eats in a day (45:49)
How to detox your body (56:30)
On longevity and the future and health (1:04:16)
Outro (1:08:49)

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“I never wear sunglasses. The receptors in the eyes are the gateway to your circadian rhythm. So by going out and daylight in the morning, I set my body clock. By introducing the light to my eyes and on my skin, I send a message to my brain that it's morning. Let's live it up. Let’s send out a pulse of cortisol. Cortisol gets a bad rap because it’s the stress hormone, but it's also the action hormone. If you didn't have any cortisol, you would die.” - Davinia Taylor, CEO of WillPowders and Biohacking Influencer 

“I feed my brain and the body follows.” - Davinia Taylor, CEO of WillPowders and Biohacking Influencer 

“The root cause of brain fog is the amount of chemicals we’ve got in our bodies” - Davinia Taylor, CEO of WillPowders and Biohacking Influencer 

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Claudia von Boeselager: Welcome to another episode of the Longevity and Lifestyle Podcast. I'm your host, Claudia von Boeselager. I'm here to uncover the groundbreaking strategies, tools, and practices from the world's pioneering experts to help you live your best and reach your fullest potential. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast to always catch the latest episodes.

Legal Disclaimer: Please note, to avoid any unnecessary headaches, Longevity & Lifestyle LLC owns the copyright in and to all content in and transcripts of The Longevity & Lifestyle Podcast, with all rights reserved, as well as the right of publicity. You are welcome to share parts of the transcript (up to 500 words) in other media (such as press articles, blogs, social media accounts, etc.) for non-commercial use which must also include attribution to “The Longevity & Lifestyle Podcast” with a link back to the URL. It is prohibited to use any portion of the podcast content, names or images for any commercial purposes in digital or non-digital outlets to promote you or another’s products or services.


Davinia Taylor 0:00
The root cause is mental health because all movement begins in the brain. So I feed my brain and the body follows. It's one of our mantras: just get the right ingredients in your brain, and then all of a sudden, stuff starts to happen.

Claudia von Boeselager 0:13
Are you ready to boost your longevity and unlock peak performance? Welcome to The Longevity and Lifestyle Podcast. I'm your host, Claudia von Boeselager, longevity and peak performance coach. Each week, we'll explore groundbreaking science, unravel longevity secrets, share strategies to grow younger and stay up to date with world-class health and peak performance pioneers. Everything you need to live longer, live better, and reach your fullest potential, ready to defy aging, optimize health, and promote peak performance. Visit for more.

Today's guest is Davinia Taylor. Davinia is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, pioneering biohacker, mother of four, and former actress who transformed her life from a party lifestyle. Discovering biohacking was a turning point in her journey, changing her attitude from asleep when I'm dead, which I am very much guilty of, to one having optimal health and energy by feeding her brain and her body, followed by a weight loss of over 40 pounds or 20 kilos. We will be digging into all things biohacking, women's health, sugar cravings, diet strategies, boosting energy, and so much more. To vignette such a pleasure to welcome you today to The Longevity and Lifestyle Podcast.

Davinia Taylor 1:33
Oh, thank you for having me. This is lovely to meet you. You

Claudia von Boeselager 1:36
too. So I'd love to start with a journey that potentially several people or many people listening might find themselves on of going from antidepressants, right, which are prescribed so readily these days to actually becoming a marathon runner. And I'd love to share a quote from you that may resonate with people listening and it says, 14 years ago, I couldn't stop drinking wine. The doctors put me on antidepressants. I couldn't control my weight. I kept yo-yo dieting, which many people will know. And eating fast food, bread, pasta, anything to give me comfort. Today, I'm 45 I'm running marathons, and I'm in the best shape of my life. So I'd love to talk about what changed, right? So, what was that initial spark that changed the trajectory of your life to video, can you take us to that moment in time,

Davinia Taylor 2:28
I was extremely lucky that my husband is really into health and brain health. And he came across the whole idea of ketogenic fuel for your brain. So, MCT oils for your brain opened up the conversation with me that I wasn't depressed, I was actually just lacking brain energy. I'd flatlined. And that was phenomenal. When I realised I could actually improve my energy without consuming sugar. Therefore, the cravings went, I could get rid of the antidepressants because I wasn't depressed, I was just inflamed and shattered. And I could take control of my life, and I could actually hack into my brain networks to either improve my sleep, improve my cognition, improve my resilience, so improved my sense of humor in the face of adversity, basically gain control of this mysterious thing called the brain, which led me to eating better, moving more, just not losing my temper as much and actually getting out of bed thinking you know what, I fancy doing something exciting as opposed to let's go downstairs. Let's get the kids to school. Let's put on daytime TV. And let's just watch that until it's afternoon TV. I'm just fasting through it. Well, not feast, just graze through it very sluggish. Oh, my just like I had Vaseline over my eyes, and sort of like earplugs in and I was wading through the mud was how I felt. I didn't realize that that's another word for inflammation. And by literally finding out this new term, biohacking. What that was is hacking into your own biology. It's nothing from outer space. It's just understanding your biological chemists, ' chemical processes a little bit. And so you can tweak it throughout the day for what works for you. That became a lifesaver. I mean, I cannot tell you, I don't know where I'd be right now. Well, I'd be a lot heavier. And well, I wouldn't be talking to you. I'd just be moaning, and I can bone. I can really go negative, by the way. So yeah. It was Matthew really who was the gateway to that because otherwise, I still would have been on a whole grain diet. I'd still been like, you know, trying to control calorie intake. And I've been trying to do my, you know, 10,000 steps a day, and it's just such beige, debilitating. on empowering advice. It is literally useless training. do that it's literally looking at weight loss through a 1970s lens. And we deserve more than that we deserve instant gratification because that's what we're kids of the 70s and 80s and 90s. And we know we need instant gratification. And that's what I do. That's what biohacking gives me control.

Claudia von Boeselager 5:19
Yeah. And I'm really excited to dig into that as well. And I think so many people are confused by different messaging and like, oh, what is supposed to be healthy or not? So we're gonna dig into specifics around that, too. But what I'd love to ask you is what was the most difficult part to change? Because I'm sure a lot of people assume like, oh, well, I've tried and I keep failing, I can't do it or whatever. So just so people understand as well, like, what did you find most difficult? And how did you overcome that?

Davinia Taylor 5:46
That will be exercise. Because my doctors say, well, you're putting on weight, or you've had four kids, like, you know, somehow, my fault. You know, and we've, you know, you're getting older, you've had four kids, so you know what you expect, just be grateful, you're kind of healthy sort of attitude. So you just need to eat less and move more, and so trying to exercise when I used to get not out of breath, but just I'd often puff around the house and we're just talking like a flight of stairs, there was no spring in my step. There was no balance. And to be honest, going outside. I mean, I was living in central London at the time. So I mean, you got some beautiful parks there, but I couldn't see the parks. All I could see was the drizzly sky, the traffic, the cold, it was really a miserable experience. So I didn't realize I was lacking dopamine. And dopamine is your ambition hormone. It has you seek out, it takes you, and in fact, it can work really against your dopamine; not only can it make you get outside the door because you've signed up for a marathon and you want the glory, but it can also take you to the fridge to go and get your another snack. It's the movement that takes you there and the anticipated joy, which normally, with dopamine, is a bit of a letdown. So say you go to the fridge and you make yourself a snack, the exciting bit goes into the fridge, the eating of the said snack actually doesn't bring you much joy, maybe one-two seconds, and then it dips right off. And then you start having to find something else to boost the dopamine exercise works a little bit differently because you can really boost it. However, I digress, how I got myself into exercising was actually not exercising at all, it was changing my body temperature. So I learned about cold exposure, which meant I didn't actually have to leave my bedroom, which I was cemented to most of the time. Anyway, once the kids went to school, I didn't spend a lot of time in my room, just watching TV, as I said, and bringing in snacks. So I read about being able to boost dopamine by 200, or maybe up to 600%, which is the equivalent of having a glass of wine by just jumping in the cold shower for 15 seconds. And I know it sounds awful. But that was that that is a much faster way than taking any tablets, or the detrimental way of having a glass of wine in the morning. Or even having a class that was cold, you know it's going to give you energy it doesn't it actually lowers your energy output because you're digesting and carbs send you into a carb coma. And actually, it makes you seek more sugar as your insulin drops off. But we can go into details about it later. So basically what it was it was me getting in the cold that actually gave me a boost in dopamine, which after maybe a couple of weeks gave me a little bit of a swagger about myself that I was doing something that that is it was very fringe at the time. So we're talking about seven years ago. So I felt a little bit confident that I was doing this really uncomfortable thing for 15 seconds learning how to breathe just for 15 seconds, man 15 seconds, it changed the trajectory of my inner monologue about myself, which had the knock-on effect that when I went outside and it was drizzly and it was cold. I kind of embraced it as in Yeah, I'm out. I'm doing this rather than looking at the negative my brain chemistry changed. And the possibilities started happening like I've been outside because a lot of people don't go outside it's not available to them. It's not because they're lazy. It's not because they're self-sabotaging. It's because they don't understand they need to just tweak the dopamine levels in their brain. And things will start beyond your control and start slotting into place. I mean, what was maybe me? I thought, right, I'll sign up to do something. So I did this thing called Tough Mother, which is like an obstacle course. And you know, I did it on my own. And I didn't have anyone to sponsor me or anything like that. I just did it for me. So I could just tick that off my little list. And now I could do it easy peasy. But back then, you know, climbing up an iframe and I've got vertigo and you know, I've had the kids, and you know, when I've run too fast or we myself, you know, so to do something really challenging Unlike that, which by the way, doesn't matter when you do Tough Mudder because you're wading through mud anyway. But you know, go doing that these are assault courses, it didn't mean that you had to do a personal best. There was no sprinting involved, there were just these little challenges that you had to get over, like, you know, going under nets and things. So I wasn't competing against people, I was competing against me. And actually, the camaraderie there really boosted me. So doing something like that, rather than signing up for a flat race, is probably a little bit better. And if you can do it with a friend, you will have an app you'll remember for the rest of your life. So it was, it was the mental obstacles that got me into an hour and every day virtually, and lost without it. So I did it before I came into the office today, downpour deluge of rain. And again, I thought, well, good, I'm out in it. I'm championing myself, and I'm getting out in the rain. I mean, it's only water. It's not acid rain. But you know, there's these little mental things that normally would have kept me indoors and self-sabotage by, you know, doing circuits of the kitchen, going into the car cupboard back into the fridge and doing like the salt and vinegar crisps followed by the Cadbury's biscuit. You know, we all know the cycle. We all know that's what happens. And that's just, you know, your brain has just been hijacked by these companies, these big food companies. Not knowing how to hack into certain chemicals is, it's hard work using willpower alone, using your own mental stripe strength to get out the door. It's bloody hard. So, anyone who can do that, I'm like, hats off to you. But is it sustainable? Eventually, the wheels will fall off, and you'll start self-sabotaging and just not going out. And, you know, you've got to understand how to tap into these resilient hormones, brilliant energy giving, sleep-inducing, giggling, giggling, juicing, you know, joyful hormones, because hormones often just do they, I think get a lot of bad press. But you know what, they protect us. They make us, they make us laugh our heads off, they make us cry in the right place, they make us feel in love, you know. So if you just focus in on the bad ones or the lack of the good ones, you know, let's talk about how to get into the joy. Let's talk about how to get into a deep. So let's talk about how to get moving. Let's talk about the solution rather than the bloody problem. Because we all know the bloody problem. We read about it every day, you know, particularly as women.

Claudia von Boeselager 12:30
Yeah. And the beauty is that there are solutions as well. I mean, let's look at biohacking hormones. Right. And I think first is like also that distilling, you know, what are you know, the hormones and like, oh, the hormones are so complicated, you can't regulate them. But as you were saying, as well along with the dopamine, right, that cold exposure, first thing in the morning, and we recording up to 600%. I know studies from up to 500%. So whatever it is, but it's tremendous weight,

Davinia Taylor 12:55
baseline, right? It's just better.

Claudia von Boeselager 12:58
And the beauty is that it's actually prolonged over a longer period of time as well. Which is really beneficial, especially for ADHD, as they also have that as well. I know we can discuss a little bit later. But also the fact that you've already done something to win your day first thing in the morning. So you've already done a big win. And I think psychologically, it's like, well, I've already achieved a cold shower. So if I go going outside as easy in comparison am going to do this as easy. So it sets you up to sort of start winning as well. Right? Correct. Yeah, confidence. Exactly. And sort of self-achievement versus like, Oh, I miss that. I'm not doing that. And I'm just being lazy now. And I'm not doing anything as well. But let's talk about biohacking hormones to Vinit. What are some of your favorite things? And can you maybe just set the landscape? Just as a short overview for my, for my audience?

Davinia Taylor 13:44
Sure. Well, I mean, we all have a different cocktail of hormones that work in synergy with our personality. And so the one-size-fits-all approach for me doesn't really wash, and what stresses me out wouldn't touch you. Because you've had different traumas in our life. And I'm not talking big stuff. I'm talking about traumas. And I was like, this morning, somebody cut me off, you know, and I had to slam on the brakes. We've got different responses going through our chemicals, you know, and the Hatton the fact that our doctors generally take a blood test and say, Yeah, your blood is normal, often go going up and you obviously depressed from antidepressants. And yeah, it doesn't wash with me. So I really wanted to dig into it with my second book, Hack Your Hormones, and lay out the ones the main ones that we should all be familiar with that we do have the capability for shifting. And yeah, just just mixing. Like I said, that individual cocktail so that throughout your day, you've got control of how you respond to a certain situation. So, for example, I'm 45. Clearly, Peri perimenopausal, which actually starts when you are 35, has only just been acknowledged. So that's been like 10 years of people just telling women in my generation yet just, you know, obviously, You just need to eat less, move more, and take antidepressants, which, of course, is going to compound the problem because you're probably going to pile on weight with the antidepressants while your liver can't detox properly. Again, again, again, none of this is ever discussed in your doctor's surgery because they don't know. Because I don't know why. I don't know why we've not invested in women's health because of 51% of the population. However, back to positivity. So, for example, something that I find very important as you generally age is PMT and PMDD. And that can really impact family life. You know, once a month, you've got two weeks as this sort of like rage coming in. And it seems to be exacerbated as we get older, whether that's because we've got full-time jobs. We've got children, we're taking care of the elderly. There's a lot put on women at this point, and this is when our hormones are a little bit skewed and what I find phenomenal is that no one in the medical field will really acknowledge estrogen dominance in women. And so what estrogen dominance is we don't sort of get taught this at school at all. You've got good and bad estrogens. Basically, we we all have estrogen in our bodies, but some estrogens are absorbed from our environment from plastics, deodorants from perfumes. Xenoestrogen is so-called and you combine that with your already circulating estrogen so protective estrogen, so you use the protective estrogen that obviously gives you great skin puts a little swagger in your staircase, your good mood, and confidence. Once you've used that, then your mental we get out go via the liver. It ends up in the toilet, put it that way. Quite a lot of us have very poor detox capabilities for one reason or another, just the environment we live in or and we end up with estrogen dominance; this estrogen recirculating becomes toxic, and you add as well, or the environmental estrogen is in there that we are consuming I mean don't get me wrong I'm drinking a drink here that says oh yeah, it's got you know CBD in it and it's sparkling and I know this is just going to be tap water and I'm quite sure this is aluminum Canada's got something dodgy going on. And this is me. This is my job. You know, I meant to be a biohacker, but I'm, you know, directly secluded, sick, and not even drink. So I'm aware that we've got this estrogen at these xenoestrogens and men are getting it as well. And children are getting a lot of estrogen dominance, so it is their body, and it's a very aggressive hormone, estrogen. That is, the aggressive hormone testosterone is often called the bad guy. Testosterone is your competitive hormone is estrogen that turns nasty. So when I discovered that I could help detox it with a great supplement called dim and Calcium D-Glucarate. Some of the little Kirby's and things like that, I was like, what I can stop the PMT just by supporting my liver? And my boobs aren't in gorged, and I don't get dodgy skin. And I'm like, wow, that is two weeks of the month that I'm not on edge. And I'm not losing the ship with my four little guys, you know, who need a soft and gentlemen sometimes don't get me wrong, they need they need the firm handle, sometimes. But you know, if I'm exhausted, I've got PMT. Um, and it's seven o'clock at night, and I've still got to change the beds and the uniforms full of them because they've been playing outside. You know, I'm gonna blow my top. And that's not fair on them when I can quite easily take summer something to support my detox pathways. And just be the mum I want to be because that impacts your mental health as well as mum guilt, like, mum guilt is awful when you kick off on the little ones and they look at you. At the time you feel justified, give yourself three minutes later, and boom, here comes the mom guilt, they've probably forgotten about it. But you know, you live with it for the rest of the day. And then your energy goes down, and it all compounds again. So giving women the opportunity to detox and understand that their unmet actually I'm men because men are, you know, that they the risk of breast cancer must go up with all these manboobs and this estrogen circulating or these hips and they're getting cellulite, and we are, you know, I find that flabbergasting that this isn't being investigated and doctors are just turning the back on it just because there's not been a study on it doesn't actually mean it doesn't exist. Right? What are we waiting for? Who are we waiting for? For someone doctor to tell me? Oh, yeah, your symptoms that you've had for well, 35 years? Yeah, you were right. You're not bloody wrong, Doc. Oh, my body, and I know my mood. And I know when I feel anxious, and I know what that hormone is. It's estrogen.

Claudia von Boeselager 19:49
Yeah. And also, I mean, you know, more and more studies are coming out showing that testosterone levels worldwide for men are just exponentially decreasing over time as well.

Davinia Taylor 19:56
Oh, yeah. That they don't have any testosterone anymore. Do they at all. All I mean, that's a real worry for me. So, obviously, I give my boys a lot of meat. We have a lot of red meat in our diet. I try and give them eggs every day. We keep them away from wheat as much as possible. Obviously, when they're at school, it's different if we do have when it's fermented like sourdough. So yeah, I'm trying to eat as ancestrally as possible to boost their testosterone, but I will be taking their levels and just trying to tweak it with certain I mean, I do sell a testosterone booster that men can take as well. Because the last thing we want is men struggling with their way to just because of a hormone imbalance due to toxic estrogen loads, because estrogen is a powerful old hormone, right?

Claudia von Boeselager 20:41
Yeah. And awesome. Plastics, everything is well, it's so detrimental and it's hiding everywhere. And I think that's probably part of it. Like, who would fund the research to do it right? I hope somebody who may be listening is at a university and thinks this is a great idea. But then

Davinia Taylor 20:55
they can't, can they because Big Pharma will have to pay for it because no one can afford it, because they're the richest guys on the planet. So this is the catch-22. So it's a case of, maybe I just get everyone to write in why I've just asked my followers just let's just write and do our own study. Because, to be honest, Big Pharma doesn't even base it on women like us anyway, that half the time it's like students; I mean, what have I got in common with a 22-year-old girl? Nothing.

Claudia von Boeselager 21:19
What's scandalous is that the FDA banned women of childbearing age from research in 1977. And it was only in 1993 that they realized the men but the gold standard had been set because women are too complex and too complicated, right? So that's why we've been missing from a lot of clinical research. So for all the ladies that

Davinia Taylor 21:35
says to me, Oh, you're touting misinformation or anything like that, to be honest, you are the guys who turned off the top. So I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired, then everybody else says, so you're just going to shoot me on an antidepressant and tell me to move more, put the blame on me and tell me to go and check my breasts once a month? I'm gonna lose me. But I think so doctors are coming around to the way that you know that they're stepping away from that sort of thinking, but a lot of them still get really aggressive with me. Surviving, you know, I'm just a normal survivor. And so, you know,

Claudia von Boeselager 22:12
this is it as well. I mean, I have very interesting conversations I've ever funny letter actually want to post once that I've repeatedly refused to take I had some lung issue. He was convincing me I was an asthmatic. And I said, I'm not as manic. And during the actual doctor consultation, he was showing me the video on how to use the steroid inhaler. I said, I don't take medication, I'm not interested. He's like, no, no, but watch the YouTube video on how to take it. Because, like, I'm not gonna take it. He prescribed me three different inhalers. He said, this was a cute situation, I had to do it. I said, I'll be fine without it. And the letter he wrote to me afterward was quite funny. And like, repeatedly refused and against medical advice and data. And I said, there's another way anyway, send them a follow-up about the protocol I did, and never heard back from him. So

Davinia Taylor 22:54
of course you didn't. Yeah, I'm really not interested. A lot of them aren't interested. And it's like, it's like medicine didn't happen before penicillin came. And that's like, what so what did we do just winging it for millennia? Or we just, like, I don't know, botched it all together? I don't know. There's a lot of wisdom in Ancient Nutrition. And there's a lot of wisdom in ancient medicine and Ayurveda and everything. And the fact that we just can't bring the two together just as, like, just to stop and kids, isn't it?

Claudia von Boeselager 23:24
But I think if you look, it's always like follow the money. So look at Stanford Medical School, Harvard Medical School, who's financing that, right? We've got big pharma behind that. It's all about diagnosis, prescription diagnosis, prescription, and that's all I'd say for people. So listening, like, just think about, like, what could be the underlying cause? And, like, think about addressing that, and I think that's what Eastern medicine has been doing for millennia and also what we were previously doing as well. But we digress a little bit. I want to jump into biohacking. Davinia right, what are some of your favourite bio hacks? And what does biohacking, in general, mean to you? I mean, you mentioned a bit before.

Davinia Taylor 23:58
For me, biohacking is just taking control of my chemistry, basically my mental health, but I'm most protective of my physical health. However, with my mental health seems to be in the top four on top form, my physical health does as well. I look after myself, I put the right ingredients in me, I you know, I exercise I move more, I take the stairs that were just little little things that add up add up every day to be physically more, you know, I do a bit more stretching, I sleep better. So, for me everything, the root cause is mental health because all movement begins in the brain. So I feed my brain and the body follows it's one of our mantras just get the right ingredients in your brain in your brain and then all of a sudden, stuff starts to happen. So favourite biohack would be, you know, getting outside in the morning getting sunlight or daylight into my eyes. I live in the north of England, where sunlight is a rare commodity. So, unfortunately, If you're in sunnier climates, you can do it in three minutes. All you need to do is get like the blue sky in your eyes, you don't need to look at the sun, grab a coffee, I always feel with MCT medium chain triglycerides hit my liver get converted into ketones, which is the brains for one of their favourite fuel sources over and above glucose because we know glucose is sugar. And you know, it comes with the comedown. And once again, I want my mental health to be tipped up. I don't want to be stuck in a craving five minutes after I've consumed something. I hate craving anything. That's why I avoid sugar throughout the day. So again, I get up in the morning sunglasses never wear any sunglasses. By the way, the receptors in the eyes are the gateway to your circadian rhythm. So by going out and daylight in the morning, I set my set my body clock by introducing the lights in my eyes and on my skin. It's a message goes to my brain to say, okay, great, it's morning. Let's liven up. Let's send out a pulse of cortisol. Cortisol gets a bad rap. That is the stress hormone, but it's also the action. If you didn't have any cortisol, you would die. So you really do need cortisol. There are a few options you can do without, but cortisol is over and above any hormone. your body will make cortisol, so it will make it over and above estrogen, progesterone, and dopamine; cortisol is the one that gets you out of danger makes things move and gets you out of bed in the morning. So facilitating that cortisol spike in the morning because you're going to get a spike at least once a day actually sends a message to the brain. So, say it's seven o'clock in the morning, and set up an alarm clock for 12 hours later for your body to start pumping out melatonin, which is the darkness or the sleep hormone. So it's very important if you struggle with sleep that you get outside and get real light in your eyes because you can sit in you could sit in your kitchen with overhead lighting, but there is nothing that there is no the Lux value between electric lighting or, or indoor lighting versus even an overcast day. It's literally night and day. So you get outside there and you do your I don't know maybe you could even send some emails if you're that way inclined, but just make sure you get like natural daylight, get your ketone coffee, which is MCT oil or keto powder, which I actually full disclosure I sell it I the reason why I developed the MCT powder is because the oils quite ferocious on your digestive system when you first start. So I've developed a powder that has grass-fed butter in it, MCT powder, and a little bit of acacia fiber just to slow the digestion down yet without spiking your insulin. So you're not going to come out of ketosis, you're going to keep yourself in a ketone state. And I do that throughout the day because I find that mental energy for me is increased when I'm fueled on ketones and not sugar. So that means I have no carbohydrates throughout the day. So when I get home at night, and I get the kids from school outcomes, the sourdough outcomes, the cheese outcomes or the potatoes, that's when I literally get me, I call them cozy foods, because then I once I've eaten that, and I have a family meal, loads of meat, very heavy veg, stews, that sort of thing. Bone broth, stews, everything really nutrient dense with the carbohydrates, loads of salt, loads of pepper, very whole. So suddenly, I'm shattered. So by then I hit a really heavy carb coma, which is great timing for me, because I'll start getting a bit snoozy and I'll put the TV on. And I'll just ride that carb coma wave into sleep. So I'm like, why would I have a sandwich during the afternoon and have a semi-carb coma at two in the afternoon when I've got to make decisions? I just don't get that but thinking of people all you know, I need a sandwich, you know, for my lunch and like, you're going to be shattered or half one. Why? Or well, I'll have a coffee and a cake. And I'm like, No, you're just going to store that around your belly, and then you're going to be miserable that you've got belly fat and you bloated. It's like that. I mean, obviously, you're of the same mindset as me following the money catalog. Eat little and often. Yeah, a matter of a day helps you work rest and play. Notice, you know, so it had I had to come out of that mindset and said what fat fat as a fuel? No, you need whole grains. But what nobody seems to tell you is you have whole grains, you have your granola, you have your overnight oats, you mix it with slider, it's turned to sugar. And that's that's all it is. It's just another pit. That's why people find it so hard to give up because they're addicted to sugar, and salt, oats are great fiber providers and all this, and it give you sustained energy or no, no, you know you're knackered. You're not good. You're addicted to sugar. Let's call a spade a spade, and that's what it is. You need to change your fuel source. Then you start shredding in weight, and then you'll you'll opt in and then you'll become metabolically flexible. I'm not saying cut out carbs on Monday; I really want to get super skinny. But I mean, who can be bothered doing that? It's not 9097. But you know, you want to get lean and nimble and you know, think sharp, but then embrace the cosiness at night. And that, for me, is biohacking time in everything.

Claudia von Boeselager 30:23
It's beautiful. Because I think, well, first of all, some people hear fat, and they're like, oh, you know, fat is so bad. And and I think just a little bit of history behind that. I think it was what is in the 50s Originally, the chart came out that bad fats are unhealthy. But the food industry, I think, really from the 70s and 80s, when all into low fat, and fat is bad, and we're going to put tonnes of sugar in it. And in the US, if I go into the supermarket, then I read the label. There are breads that are packed with sugar

Davinia Taylor 30:50
and everything else, not just sugar. I mean, everything else, you know, MSG for more is in.

Claudia von Boeselager 30:57
Yeah. And so I think that it's almost empowering. And it's mindset shift as well for people to know that healthy fats are phenomenal for your body, your brain loves it as well. So I'd love to ask for some of, like, what are your favorite go-to foods? You were talking about red meats and a few things like that, but particularly also fats, because people are like, Oh, fats, but also what are the ones that you say? Like I avoid no matter what,

Davinia Taylor 31:20
okay, so what we've got is a situation here where there's, you've got an Amiga three, and you've got Omega six, and you're meant to eat the Omega. six to three, so six B in the ratio Well, I was reading that we should be we should be having it like maybe. What was it four to one, so you know, we have four times omega three, then you'd have Amiga six, but we're having it's 16 to 20 to one, so we're having 16 times the amount of inflammatory Omega sixes. So the poor view of polyunsaturated fatty acids, so we call it grapeseed oil in the UK, so canola oil, cottonseed or soybean oil, sunflower oil, and we also call it vegetable oil. So all those peanut oil, everything that you that you fry something in that is good, it's very crispy. Anything that you want to have a mouthfeel like a cereal bar with goofiness and everything, vegetable oils, let's just overwrite them, call them a vegetable or also you can overwhelm a new grapeseed oil and your sunflower oil. Those vegetable oils are in everything because they were touted as heart-healthy Ancel Keys and their scientists decided to do a study whereby he concluded that heart disease was triggered by a high saturated fat diet. And he went across the hall he studied across the world, but he felt he neglected to include France and the Netherlands which are the biggest consumers of saturated fats. Of course, the French butter and dairy industry has beautiful unpasteurized that they have in abundance. Yeah, he neglected to put them in the study. This could be pretty cherry in the body, and they have the lowest rate of heart disease and strokes. So that has since been debunked. And even Ancel Keys himself in 1997 said yeah, I concluded that wrong. sorry about me. Yeah, let's forget it. But oh, no, we still go with it. You need to have low saturated fat, so you've got your margin reasons. And you're still saying it's heart healthy even though I think on the front cover of Time magazine it said bring back butter. Yes, still, we don't talk about it. Doctors still say you need to lower your cholesterol. division I absolutely do not have cholesterol health and manufacture hormones. Are you crazy? Yet literally cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol does not cause plaque in my arteries at all. No. In fact, the American Heart Association has got a little paragraph in their book, I mean, the rest of the world takes the gate their lead from the American Heart Association guidelines. And it actually says dietary cholesterol is no longer a molecule of concern for overconsumption. However, where's the press spin? Tiny little black and white paragraph, no pictures, no glamour, nothing. And you want to dig through it? PAGE 7553 appendix Zed, you know, so there's been no press on it because guess what? To have these oils is so lucrative, and they are so addicting. It makes no sense for big food to switch back to butter and dairy when we didn't have cancers, when we didn't have Alzheimer's in the rates that we didn't have heart disease in the race that we have now. So I've spoken to Kate Shanahan at length about this. She's a brilliant doctor. I got to read her book Deep Nutrition. I spoke to her at length about it, and she said she actually would argue that these are the these are the culprits. writes that are giving us heart disease. These oils are the ones that are so inflammatory. They shouldn't be in our food chain at all. Yeah, you should go to a supermarket and try and find something without seeds or vegetables. You are going to be hard-pressed. It's weird. And I think it's worse than sugar. It's, I really do. I think the body understands sugar. I think it goes, yeah, we've had it since you know that. I mean, that's not in the abundance that we've got. I think we've had sugar since the dawn of time in honey and fruit. So the body goes, Yeah, okay, I can deal with glucose. But this stuff, this stuff is like, it's not a food, it's a detergent, you know, it's a detergent. So it will literally get stains out of your clothes; we've got, I've got four boys, so they play rugby. And for some reason, the school has them in white shorts, I don't understand that might put him in a muddy field with grass, and put them in that Brilliant, thank you. Anyway, I digress. But the stuff that gets the stains out, the grass stays in the mud stains out of like white cotton, is Veg Oil, that makes it out. And also, if you've got outdoor furniture, and it's been out for all winter, and you want it to look shiny, as some of you put vegetables out on it, and it will end it will literally pull all the dirt out of it. So what it is is it's a detergent. And it's like so I mean, I liken it to when you wear waterproof mascara, you have to take it off with an oil, it's the same sort of stuff. So when you put this in your mouth, which by the way, the mouth is the beginning of the gods. So within this mouth to start if you've got you're communicating with your brain, because all the right the way down your digestive tract, you've got mucus, and that mucus, you've got little receptors, hormonal receptors that have a direct messaging system to the brain called the gut-brain axis. So when you consume something, instantly the body knows it can break down, it can break it down into amino acids. So it knows what amino acids are, what has been consumed, and what's available to make proteins to heal. So for your vision, for your hair, for your nails, for your bones, for your jaw, bone, or whatever for your gut. So what as the body registers, the cocktail of amino acids you've just consumed in the food, it sends a message to the brain saying, hey, you know what, we've had a load of amino acids because we've had a steak, let's stop eating, we're fine. They send out the satiety signals, the satiety hormones kick out, but if you put this stuff in your mouth, and like I said earlier, it will clean garden furniture, you put it in your mouth, straightaway, you are stripping the gut of that mucus. And, of course, the hormone receptors will retract to protect themselves. So as you're eating, even if it is full of amino acids, so say you've got a hot dog or whatever. So I mean, of course, shocking, for example, or pizza, you know, so you would have amino acids in that. Because, of course, you've got the cheese and everything. But if you've got that base has been made using this vegetable, it's going to strip the mucus is going to strip the hormones. Therefore, the brain never gets that I know I'm eating, but we've not got any amino acids, so you better eat more. So that's so that's what makes these foods a gateway drug to eating more. And let's face it, these big companies we're talking about, there's five of them in the world, they don't care what you're eating, because they probably own the next thing. You're gonna wait anyway. It's not like that there's a monopoly really going on. And they all feed into each other excuse upon what literally, you have something like, say, Pringles or something like that, you're probably going to have something sweet to finish it off. Because your brain has been, we're still hungry and digesting, but we've not got anything you eat in like paper according to your brain. You read a newspaper or something, this has got no nutritional value, get more you know, so this is where the cravings come from. That's why is in every processed food because you will kick off binge eating, you will. And that, to me, is horrible because you're never satisfied. You never know that was good, so that's why I don't touch it. First of all, there's going to wreck you definitely wreck your your cell membranes. I mean, this stuff can penetrate anything, including your neurotransmitters. So for me, again, brain health, I feel sluggish to feel hungover after I have it. But also, it will settle under the skin. So if you get sunburned, it's going to oxidize. I'm sure that's a reason why we've got so much skin cancer, particularly in the northern hemisphere. We have tonnes of this stuff, and then we go outside, and we oxidize, and of course, you know You're damaging your skin. We forget how we treat skin in isolation from what we're eating. It's like, why isn't there any crossover? Why is there no thought? Well, I'm one massive machine surely wouldn't. Anyway, but as I as I said, it's like looking through medicine through the 1970s lands all the time. That's what we're dealing with.

Claudia von Boeselager 39:52
No, I know that the damage done by the inflammation effect of the oils, but I think you're like really liked your point. about it is actually more dangerous than sugar because we know how detrimental sugar is for the brain for insulin resistance that leads to Alzheimer's and other metabolic conditions as well. But to look more closely also at those oils as well, so people just to be really, really aware, just to give the caveat, and I'd like to hear your view. But for me, the exceptions to the rule around olive oil, cold pressed olive oil ideally, and coconut oil is obviously great for cooking. I have an odorless one as well, so you don't taste all your meats tasting like coconuts, it gets a bit boring. Yeah, macadamia oil and avocado oil. Do you have anything else to add to the list of honey?

Davinia Taylor 40:37
Well, I mean, I cook in a lot of butter, I sometimes mix the butter with the olive oil and just do a fish or lard. If I'm high-frying something. I mean, if I'm doing potatoes, it'll be goose fat, really crispy potatoes. So I'm trying to use local. I live in the countryside. So there's a lot of butchers around here that just give it away. It is the same with bone to make bone broth, they give it away because the markets are just not there. They say oh, just for your dogs. And I'm like, no, it's actually for me and my pre-war UK; I'm like, I know what I'm actually making bone broth because I'm a kickass biohacker, and you're crazy. Next. There are a lot of ways to do this. I mean, everything is free, really. You literally can go to your butcher. And so if you got any bone, so they'll charge you maybe a pound or $1 or something, just put it in a bag, and they think it's for the dogs. I'm like, No, mate, that is going to be unbelievable bone broth. And then of course, you can cook in, you can cook in Animal Fights calm, very high smoke point. So yeah, I mean, and with olive oil, I'm really lucky to be in South Europe or the southern part of Europe a lot of the time. And we can get you can get really cheap, high, high poly phenol levels, olive oil down Spain and Corfu and stuff. So it's great. And you know what, I think that that's something I'm really going to try and take because I have tonnes of MCT oil because I'm all about the brain. But because I like the instant energy. However, I really shouldn't be looking at the polyphenol content; I should be doing a little bit more nurturing. But you can see I'm dopamine-driven. I just like give me more energy. You know,

Claudia von Boeselager 42:15
I have my moments too. And the video is for people who have sugar cravings, and I have a tendency for a sweet tooth. If I let it, what is a protocol you recommend to help them sort of detox and stop that?

Davinia Taylor 42:27
Oh, yeah, that's super easy, actually. So you can pick up something called L glutamine powder. It's amino acid tastes a bit like talc, just putting it out there. It's not gonna taste ice on the gorgeous almond cake or something. But when you my mantra is get ahead of the craving. But if you forget, and it comes on you quickly, this amino acid under the tongue, so half a teaspoon under the tongue, leave it 30 seconds. Chase definitely chase it with some fast, so if you don't drink tea, coffee, or golden milk like a Tumeric latte, just take a teaspoon of MCT, or I must admit I've still got a sweet tooth, so I needed to stevia an awful lot just for the psychological hooks that I've got. The great thing about stevia is that it is apparently anti-inflammatory, but it won't spike your insulin, and it won't record your microbiome. So you know, get yourself a flavored stevia as in natural vanilla. That really takes the bitterness away from it. So you can do half a teaspoon of L glutamine powder under the tongue for 30 seconds chase it with either a hot or a cold iced coffee with MCT oil in really creamy. And yes, see how you get on and just give yourself psychological pause. You're probably in a state of habit. So you get a cue that it's 11 o'clock, and you're used to snacking then, but give yourself about three days, and you can really rework the neurochemistry going on and those signals by introducing ketones by introducing that amino acid, and the brain will rewire very, very, very quickly until 11 o'clock is a cue for something else like Oh, I'm gonna go to the loo. And then you've got yourself out of that psychological sort of treadmill, you know of 11 o'clock, four o'clock I did there the key ones for snacking, 11 o'clock, and four o'clock because everyone doesn't orange. I mean, I don't I don't do lunch. I don't do it anymore. Unless if I'm premenstrual, I might do you nine times out of 10 I'm just fine, just hitting the collagen powders that I put in my Tumeric lattes and stuff. So I'm still having I still have calories. Remember, I have tonnes of calories in the form of MCT or, but I just don't have, I just don't feel the need for food anymore. And I'm not like underweight, you know, I'm not underweight, I mean, I'm a heavy 10 star, and I'm only five, so I'm a good 10 Stone somewhere but muscle dense, you know, I'm not like this skinny thing. So yeah, I'm kind of happy with my, you know, my strength and overall leanness, but without being weak, you know? Yeah.

Claudia von Boeselager 45:09
Yeah, it's revolutionary for some people. So let's talk about, like, what you like, what you either don't eat during the actual day because I'm sure some people think, Oh, she's just starving herself like she's not actually eating. And let's talk about your fasting intermittent fasting routine and how that works for you, particularly because of hormones, right? So there is that warning around: careful not to overdo it with longer prolonged periods of intermittent fasting for women because it will impact your hormones as well. But you are topping it up and having other nutrients as well. Right. So, can you walk us through your typical day? What are you actually consuming?

Davinia Taylor 45:46
Okay, so I got up in the morning, and I don't do religious fasts or water fasts because I don't like it. You know what I mean? Like I said, I mean, I'm a, I'm an alcoholic, by nature. I gave up booze all 15 years ago now. But I do not like craving something. My brain will take over. And if I want something, I will do anything in my power to get it. So the last thing I want to start craving is a piece of toast, you know, that's just going to enter up my brain, you know, I'm just going to be thinking about that, instead of thinking to like, I'm dealing with an accountant about tax or something. And all I can think about is toasts. No, that's not going to work for me. That's rubbish. So no, I like I said, in my book, I say I count chemicals, not calories. So I have a very calorie-heavy diet. So, I get my calories from MCT oil. But I also top up with nutrients. So I'll get up in the morning, and I'll have electrolytes immediately. So I will have I sell something called electrotype, which is got dandelion tea in, and that actually helps you get rid of water retention because a lot of us are slowing down. With our limps, they slow down, I think it's super important to try and flush out the toxins from the night before. But it's also got a balance of electrolytes in it. So potassium and sodium should balance out really well because those electrolytes create an electrical current in your brain. That's why we That's why they're called electrolytes they are electrical, and they will charge together. And I need them in my brain to kick about my little sluggish grey matter off in the morning because I'm about to embark on that, yes, another bloody school roll. Which isn't sad. No, because we can't find our time and the dogs got out and it's raining. And like this morning, a blaze has been left outside, outside all night soaking wet. And you know, those Blazers were the like, I don't know what they may come from, but they are the industrial wall. I mean, it's like T-Rex wool, but it just it's just going to take a week to dry off. So that's how my morning starts, you know, and then we can't find the bookbag better than that. So I need as much chemists chemistry going on in my brain not to lose my shit in the morning. So I start off with electrolytes, no calories in it, and sweetened with stevia again because I like that sweet taste. That will give me a little bit of energy: get outside, put the kettle on, and get outside if it's sunny. I can have, you know, three minutes just looking outside, let the dogs go out for a week. Come back in, and then mother kettles boiled, and I will do my some organic coffee. I just used instant because I am not one of these flipping coffee ninjas who just have to have this up. Know that I just, I'll just settle with instant coffee because I'm always late at this point. So I will put a teaspoon of coffee, and I will put a teaspoon of bovine collagen in. I have bovine collagen because of the marine collagen, I could have manufactured marine collagen, but when I started doing my due diligence on it, first of all, why is it twice as expensive? Turns out, it's because we've got no supporting industry around it. There's no other industry that wants fish scales and things. Whereas the bovine industry has the leather trade. So that's why that's cheap. Ah, it's not because it's a superior collagen type. It literally is just expensive because there's nowhere else to sell. There's nothing else to sell on. Also, when I tried to understand, I was speaking to a manufacturer, and I said okay, so I need to guarantee the batch every time I want to know exactly we've got the same fish every time, he says well, that's impossible because we don't know what the fish is going to be. I said what do you mean? So what can you guarantee it's not about sharks or dolphins in these will not really know. Like, okay, well, what about crustaceans? I did not really know, and I said, and then I started digging. I'm like, well, hang on, hang on a minute. What about the microplastics in the sewage anyway? Yeah, yeah, we that's when we can't guarantee, and then when I took a little bit of a dig deeper dive. They don't test for any sort of toxins that could cause neurological distress to humans because it's different on land from what comes out of the sea. There are different laws. So I'm like, not only is it more expensive, not only is one type of collagen, it tastes, it stinks to face. And so you need to mask it with sweeteners and everything else and bleach it, and you don't know what it's eaten and you don't know where it's at. I said, Okay, I'm gonna go for the bovine. So I've got Swiss bovine because I literally know what blade of grass that cow has been raised on. And I know that they've been treated humanely that they've been outside. And it's nothing to do with South America. We're not chopping down rainforests or anything like that. We are Swiss 100% Swiss bovine collagen, which, to be honest, is a warm-blooded creature. I think the synergy between marine collagen and bovine collagen, I'd lean towards the bovine because it's warm-blooded. I mean, that's just a point out there, as far as my curious mind would say. So, when I spoke earlier about the body that is always seeking amino acids. Collagen contains about 18 amino acids. So that's what the body is seeking. So by putting a teaspoon in and keeping it below two grams, which is a teaspoon, you're not going to kick off the liver, liver synthesist, and you're not going to because the liver will turn protein into sugar. That's what happens if you have too much of it. So you just keep it below two grams. The gods,i.e. the mouth, register these amino acids. As you put it in your tea, your coffee, or even a glass of water, you won't taste it's flavorless odorless, your body, your registered anger. Oh, thanks very much. Yeah, we've got our building blocks. you can get on with your day, and I'm not going to bug you with signals to go to Starbucks and get yourself a brownie because the craving isn't there. So I have in my coffee, my instant coffee, a teaspoon of coffee, a teaspoon of collagen, probably a tablespoon of MCT and keto powder, which is calorie-high, however, my body will convert the fat in that. So remember, just because fat on your body is spelled the same as fat you consume doesn't mean it's the same thing. It's really lazy science, you know. So this is fat that my body and my liver will consume. And it will convert without going via the digestive system. So, technically, we're still fasting. It goes to the liver, and the liver will convert it into ketones, which are put in the bloodstream from the bloodstream. It goes straight to the brain, and my brain goes, ah, ketones instead of glucose, great. No peaks and troughs because that's what glucose does. peaks and troughs, and insulin, which causes the trough is the craving. So you're seeking more, though, yeah, it will sustain you for hours. And I just have people say to me, how many do you have a data of millions of one if I want 10 of them? I'll have 10 of them. Good boy, isn't this loads of calories? Who cares? There are no chemicals; my body reacts differently. It's using it as a fuel. I probably need more because I'm thinking harder, that's all. So that's what I do throughout most of the day. If I'm really peckish, I'll go downstairs I'll probably have I'd get myself pate or something like that pate avocado at the moment. I'm doing guacamole with a tonne of prawns and lemon. And I'm trying to stay away from carbs during the afternoon. Because again, I just get a car comer and I'll switch off then. So, like I said earlier, my carbs will be later, so yeah, I'll just have some. I have some cheese piece of meat if I really want to, but nine times out of 10, I'm okay as I head into winter, I'm more likely to do like a bone broth soup.

We're just making maybe like a beef bone broth with some spices in loads of chunks of beef. And I'll have that in a flask, and I'll have that, but really, my big eating comes at night, and I snack right the way through through Netflix. I love it. I sat down. It was a big cheese board. Sourdough bitter Chuck neat. Yeah, I mean, it's great. And also protein shakes. I always have protein shakes made of bone broth. I swerve all the vegan P soy-based ones again, so it will wreck it's it's another endocrine disruptor which I'm led to believe. Boosts estrogen, fat estrogen, so again PMT man boobs, cellulite, low mood and gorge breasts belly fat, and back fat as well. So yeah, I am bloating, so I avoid that. And the thing is plant-based protein, as we all know, it comes from China. We all know that their glyphosate laws are nothing like what we have in Europe. So I'm sorry, I'm not dancing with that devil. Thank you very much. I want to know that my bone broth, I want to know my protein is real protein, not something, wow, just an industrialized byproduct really, you know, it's just more caged chemical load. And again, that's going to impact my liver, which is going to impact my brain, and then I'm gonna feel sluggish. And then, Oh my God, will I be drinking again, I mean, that the knock on the root cause is, is the about chemicals that we've got in our bodies, the root cause the brain fog, is the amount of toxic chemicals we've got in our bodies, and we've just got to unpick it. And just be aware that even though it's got gorgeous, plump-based packaging, is a chemical shitstorm. Just turn it around and count the ingredients. if you see so if you see some flour or

Claudia von Boeselager 55:48
put it back. Exactly, and just know and be super aware. So let's say people listening are all empowered now in they're like, Okay, no more oils, etc. But what if they have a lot of toxins in their body? What would you recommend in terms of detoxing, right? So first, we just omitted, but how about saunas and other modalities? To help expedite the detoxification process? What would you recommend?

Davinia Taylor 56:12
Well, I definitely need support on my detox. I do have quite a sluggish liver. Just because I know because I've done DNA tests, I don't convert NAC very well to glutathione or master antioxidants. So, I support my liver as much as I can. I don't drink alcohol, but I do get stressed. So that ends up in the liver. I do travel a lot. So, up and down into London, I'm living in the 21st century. I'm surrounded by blue chemicals. Are you kidding me? Across the roads, like 10 lorries go past the course. So, for me detoxing the liver, the fastest way for me to do it would be to do a niacin flush, which is great. So niacin is vitamin B three. And it was actually mentioned a lot in The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, anonymous; there's a guy called Bill W, who was a big advocate of it, he developed Alcoholics Anonymous, which is a spiritual program, but he also from vitamin d3 really helped stop people relapsing. And I just think a cheap little vitamin like that. It's it should be on people's radar, but it's not a doctor or just telling you so I don't know, cut down a bit. I mean, my Oh, really? You always cut down on why; how silly of me. I should have realized that was the answer. Oh, yeah. Like I had not thought of that shouldn't give one in the morning, you moron. I'm not making a choice. So the reason why you drink is because of a depleted neurotransmitter system, that's that, but you know, doctors are acknowledged. They just tell you got a lack of willpower. Now, you have a lack of nutrients, often triggered by trauma as childhood that can rock your neurotransmitters. And again, sometimes it was just like me: I've got ADHD. So, I'm low on dopamine. So I saw a secret out there. And it was wine that gave me the dopamine and bread. So you know, you could say, I mean, you could have put heroin in me, I would have thought and I said, No, thank you very much. But take away my wine and my white folding bread. We've got an issue. We're going to make your issue. So yeah, it's like no, the devil, my Devil is those two products. Yeah, so what I need to do to detox is get myself a little pop-up sauna. Because I mean, I can't really afford one of these big Fandango bio hockey ones and about 15 grand, but I needed a sauna because when I lived in London, there was one in my gym. And I used to really enjoy going in there because I had just started my biohacking journey and it was infrared. So where do you get an infrared sauna in the north of England? You don't, but you buy a little pocket one. It's about 200 pounds, and I've used it virtually every night since lockdown. So we're talking about three years, and I swear it saved my marriage. But it's really good for things like estrogen dominance, for PMT or for just actually feeling a little bit less than a low serotonin. So if you feel a little bit like not cozy, you know, you feel a bit antsy, it's the best fastest way to do it. Apart from increasing the cold, it will be to hack your heat as well. And the great thing about these little pop-up infrared saunas is you can follow them down next to your bed, but I sit it right in front of my Telly next to my bed, which by the way, my husband has decided to use a storeroom for his tools because he's a builder because the site got robbed and some of the tools went so now I have to navigate in our already tiny house. Actual orbital sunders next to me, but anyway, and we wonder why I need to detox. I'm just like so stressed because he won't put it in the garage because he thinks that's gonna get robbed as well. However, now I sit in this little sauna for 45 minutes watching TV, and you can take some vitamin d3 niacin and what it does, it's to take a very small dose to start off with start off with 50 milligrams and you can work your way up, your tolerance goes really quick, but it makes you flush, almost like you've had an allergic reaction to something, but it's just your blood vessels dilating. feel a bit of adrenaline in your stomach as well, but you're flush. And what it does is it releases it into the fat cells where you store an awful lot of estrogen and toxins and your fat cells, and it releases it, and you can sweat it out. phenomenally quick detox, I think the firefighters in 911 did this when they were in that chemical fire. And you can actually see the chemicals coming out like black and red. There's a YouTube video of a guy coming out of a camera. he was in a chemical fire, looked perfectly normal, did the niacin flush protocol, and used a white towel to wipe away the sweat, and it was black, like these little micro chemicals that were in there, heavy metals and stuff. So it's a really cheap, fast way to do it. I generally chase my, my sauna, which I do most nights, actually, whilst watching Netflix with a cold, cold shower. And what that does is that that first of all puts me in fight and flight so my sympathetic system kicks off so you get a bit of a shock. But then all of a sudden, when the body adapts, it says, Oh, it's okay, we're not dying, we're fine. The parasympathetic hormones kick in, and my body already knows what time of day it is because I don't wear sunglasses, so it knows it's nighttime. I've already had the carbohydrates, so it's already getting ready for bed. And it just releases even more of the parasympathetic hormones like your oxytocin cozy and loving lightly serotonin, which then trips into melatonin. So yeah, I get ready for bed. And another great thing to do if you're really chattering a lot in your head before bed get yourself a little spike map about 11 to arrow pounds or dollars on on Amazon and just lie on that for 10 minutes and just watch the TV. I mean, I'm not anti-TV. If you really struggle with sleep, you can get blue-blocking glasses, which are just got them on Amazon again. I like a tenner and it blocks the blue light because you need to protect your eyes again and message the brain of what hormones to pump out. If you really have struggled sleeping or you get twitchy legs, you could take magnesium glycinate very popular to just relax you and one of my favorite things for a chattery brain is taking l theanine, another amino acid that just really calms that brain down in fact, when I have afternoon coffees, I have an L theanine capsule, super cheap, you know, and it just stops insomnia Lisa So herself that caffeine left while I'm doing the school runs up for five o'clock without worrying about the impact on my sleep like five hours later at 10 o'clock. So the theme is really good for occasional, well, constant panic as well. I know a lot of girls who've come off anti-anxiety and just gone on to L theanine and then take it off; it increases your GABA. GABA is your anti-anxiety hormone. And it just gives you a sense of I'm okay takes the edge off really powerful, but it doesn't make you drowsy. So you can still drive brilliantly. I mean, I think every woman should have it, really. In fact, everyone should have it, including teenagers. In fact, I gave him my phone before his exams this year he was he was sitting in big exams at school. And he's helped those just before because it helps you focus as well. It stops all the panic in the head. Brilliant.

Claudia von Boeselager 1:03:33
That's super helpful for kids, especially in school and the exam pressure as well. So that's that's a good column. The vignette normally asks the question if, but I'm going to use the word when with you. So when you live to 150 years old with excellent health. How will you be spending your time

Davinia Taylor 1:03:50
hopefully on the beach? I think I need sunlight, I need sunsets, I need constant contact with the earth. I need to see vast space. So yeah, I'm going to find myself a nice beach. And I want loads of coconuts. I want loads of fresh, fresh meats. Basically, it's Robinson Crusoe style, but obviously with really good Wi-Fi because I'm super nosy, and I love watching Netflix and reels of cats and dogs. That's my guilty pleasure. But yeah, so yeah, desert island. People are loved and available on the phone. So yeah. They can visit me when I invite them, but otherwise, Yeah, leave me alone. I've had enough

Claudia von Boeselager 1:04:35
amazing to video what excites you most about the future of health and well-being in longevity over the coming years and beyond the fact

Davinia Taylor 1:04:43
that we can stop fearing getting old and suffering from Alzheimer's. I mean, I'm looking into using MCT, or to you, I'm looking at studies actually about MCT oil being used to alleviate outsiders because I think everyone is terrified about selling mine. Mom died of cancer. So obviously I'm looking at this oestrogen dominance thing. She had breast cancer. And the fact that nobody talks about it is crazy. And like, of course, it's going to be, it needs to be discussed. Of course, women are getting breast cancer because of estrogen dominance. You are crazy. And I'm just looking forward for someone, some powerful person, to come in and say the conflict of interests within the health system is so bad, we're shutting the whole thing down and sign again.

Claudia von Boeselager 1:05:27
That would be amazing. But I mean, look at it, there are some benefits for people who need it. So I don't across the board to say, like, no one is good. But I think there's always

Davinia Taylor 1:05:35
someone profiting, even if for every person that that they cure of cancer, you know, some guys getting reached on the other end. And I find that crazy because, you know, most of the medicines were developed generations ago, and all we do is tweak it and just re-patency. So really the brilliance the brilliance should be for humankind, not for one particular pharmaceutical company, you know, that's what I think, but yeah, I love I love the fact that people are now questioning it. Because I never used to like, oh, yeah, you're a doctor, you know more, but now I understand like what you're talking about?

Claudia von Boeselager 1:06:15
First. They don't have any nutrition training. And that's the real

Davinia Taylor 1:06:19
degree. They don't know about hormones, either. So far as to say to a doctor. Yeah, I've got anxiety. What do you think of our theanine? He'd say, Oh, I don't know about that. No. Rise up. I don't know enough about it's a friggin amino acid that you get in green tea. Come on, you know. Yeah. But meanwhile, we can have this diazepam to an addict. You can have disaster pan, how many junkie men from a junkie when it comes to white bread and wine as we got, you know, even so that sort of thing could take you back to

Claudia von Boeselager 1:06:52
tendencies. Yeah, yeah, because it's my daughter. And so I think it's so important that people realize it's about empowering yourself and making choices and getting educated. And you can turn your whole life around and just live so well for longer. And that's the benefit. And I love your philosophy in terms of, like, get the brain right, the body will follow. So beautiful. Davinia, where can people follow you, see what you're up to, and learn more about you? And we'll link this all in the show notes. Oh, great. Okay.

Davinia Taylor 1:07:21
So on Instagram, it's active in the new Taylor, D A v i n, i a Taylor. And I do actually have a company called Wheel Powder. Because literally, I'm sick of people having to use their own willpower to try and lose weight. So that's why I brought out these powders. So you can put it in your tea in your coffee and just be able to press pause on that compulsive eating. So yeah, willpower just got tonnes of information and loads of blogs there. And I've written a couple of books that you can buy on Amazon. So that's, it's not a diet and hack your hormones. And I'm going to be writing another one next year. So I'm looking forward to that. But yeah, I'm here. They're in everywhere.

Claudia von Boeselager 1:08:04
Amazing Deveney diva final ask recommendation or any parting thoughts or message for my audience today?

Davinia Taylor 1:08:10
Yeah, just like you can literally start your day at any time, right? So you can if you mess up at breakfast, don't worry. We can tweak it at night with, like, just think, just think of the test you shower and your bath is to your best friends from now on. So, if you have a bit of a dodgy day, fill your bathtub and get some Epsom salts in it. Does the magnesium that your body can transdermally absorb, sit in, or listen to a podcast for 40 minutes get so hot that the pulses in your head and then turn on your shower ice cold? And you've just done your first bit of biohacking. So I think you know, so even if you don't start the day, right, even if you don't, if you've been scoffing all day, and having like takeaway, cafe food or whatever, you can finish your day, right? And I think I think ending the day sometimes is easier. I set you up for a good night's sleep, you know, so you don't need to borrow this fan-dangled equipment. You've got your bath. You don't even need the Epsom salts, to be perfectly honest. Fill your bathtub, you could actually just put some bicarbonate of soda in it, or you could put some apple cider vinegar and do a detox bath, actually, if you've not got that in, but the whole point is altering your body temperature. And just feeling the impact of that on your body. And by the time you've come out of a bath after 14 minutes of that hot hot bath. You cannot wait for that ice. And I think, you know, make sure you get it all down the back of your neck and the soles of your feet, and in just 15 seconds, you might actually want to do more. And yeah, you've started biohacking, but definitely get some MCT oils in your kitchen and start your day with some MCT, or is it a game changer?

Claudia von Boeselager 1:09:48
Beautiful. Davinia, thank you so much for coming on today and for all your wisdom and insights. It's been such a pleasure to have you on

Davinia Taylor 1:09:55
thank you so much for having me.

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