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Episode 132

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Performance coach, detail-loving educator, big-thinking entrepreneur, podcaster, mama, passionate adventurer, and health optimization activist here to help people transform their lives, and reach their highest potential! All rolled into one.

““It has been scientifically proven that if you inhale for five and a half seconds through your nose and exhale for five and a half seconds out your nose, your heart rate variability will go up, your stress will go down, and you're going to be operating in more of that coherent state of being.” - NOA|AON aka Pavel Stuchlik, Impact Entrepreneur, Conscious DJ/Producer, Wim Hof Certified Coach, and Self Realization Expert  

What if I told you that the best biohack is…


Well, according to today’s guest, Pavel Stuchlik, it is!

Pavel, also known as NOA|AON, is an impact entrepreneur and investor, a conscious DJ and producer, a biohacker, a certified Wim Hof coach, and an expert in self-realization and harmonious living.

He has a unique and diverse set of skills that he brings to his workshops, immersive experiences, retreats, and lectures. His teachings integrate ancient wisdom with modern science and technology to provide simple daily routines that can help you achieve unity, love, and joy in your life.

Join us as we discuss hacking longevity through consciousness, the importance of self-discovery and transformation, instant presence tools that can help you slow down, and how to unhack for longevity.

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Show Notes 

Intro (00:00)
Hacking longevity through consciousness (01:57)
Key practices and tools for slowing down (14:38)
Pavel’s transformations (18:18)
Tools and strategies for practicing intuition (28:21)
How Pavel is transforming lives (32:35)
The concept of unhacking (42:46)
On longevity and the future of health (49:50)
Outro (56:13)

Intro (00:00)
Hacking longevity through consciousness (02:37)
Key practices and tools for slowing down (15:18)
Pavel’s transformations (18:58)
Tools and strategies for practicing intuition (29:01)
How Pavel is transforming lives (33:15)
The concept of unhacking (43:25)
On longevity and the future of health (50:29)
Outro (56:53)


“A lot of people start with the Wim Hof method and expose themselves to cold all the time. But they don't realize that their bodies are already under stress because of travel, meetings, business, etc. And it’s not always good to be stressed. But our monkey brain will tell us that it’s science. It’s good for you. Do it every day. And we end up not listening to what our body actually needs.” - NOA|AON aka Pavel Stuchlik, Impact Entrepreneur, Conscious DJ/Producer, Wim Hof Certified Coach, and Self Realization Expert 

When we spend time in timelessness we refill our emotions” - NOA|AON aka Pavel Stuchlik, Impact Entrepreneur, Conscious DJ/Producer, Wim Hof Certified Coach, and Self Realization Expert 

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Claudia von Boeselager: Welcome to another episode of the Longevity and Lifestyle Podcast. I'm your host, Claudia von Boeselager. I'm here to uncover the groundbreaking strategies, tools, and practices from the world's pioneering experts to help you live your best and reach your fullest potential. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast to always catch the latest episodes.

Legal Disclaimer: Please note, to avoid any unnecessary headaches, Longevity & Lifestyle LLC owns the copyright in and to all content in and transcripts of The Longevity & Lifestyle Podcast, with all rights reserved, as well as the right of publicity. You are welcome to share parts of the transcript (up to 500 words) in other media (such as press articles, blogs, social media accounts, etc.) for non-commercial use which must also include attribution to “The Longevity & Lifestyle Podcast” with a link back to the URL. It is prohibited to use any portion of the podcast content, names or images for any commercial purposes in digital or non-digital outlets to promote you or another’s products or services.


Pavel Stuchlik 0:00
Stop being limited. It is time to be limitless. And that starts with you with your breath with every interaction. So start seeing the light, the joy, the gifts in everything and everyone

Claudia von Boeselager 0:14
Are you ready to boost your longevity and unlock peak performance? welcome to The Longevity and Lifestyle Podcast. I'm your host, Claudia von Boeselager, longevity, and peak performance coach. Each week, we'll explore groundbreaking science, unravel longevity secrets, share strategies to grow younger, and stay up to date with world-class health and peak performance pioneers. Everything you need to live longer, live better, and reach your fullest potential is ready to defy aging, optimize health, and promote peak performance. Visit for more.

My guest today is NOA|AON, also known as Pavel, who is an expert in transformation, self-realization, and harmonious living. I had the pleasure of meeting Pablo at an event recently, which we'll talk about in our interview, and I was so inspired by his work that I had to share it with you to your audience because we're all about biohacking and optimization. But there's an important component that we forget about, and we'll talk about that today. Pavel is an internationally conscious DJ producer, a serial impact seven-figure entrepreneur and investor, a certified ambassador of peace, and a Wim Hof instructor. NOA has a unique and diverse set of skills that he brings to his workshops, immersive experiences, retreats, and lectures. His teachings integrate ancient wisdom with modern science and technology to provide simple daily routines that can help you achieve unity, love, and joy in your life. Please enjoy. Welcome to the Longevity and Lifestyle Podcast. Pavel, I'm so excited to have you on today.

Pavel Stuchlik 1:53
Thank you so much. I'm so grateful to have this guy with you. And in

Claudia von Boeselager 1:57
context for everyone. Pavel is just Noah, also known as No, but he's just finished an eight-hour workshop. And he's still come on. So thank you, again, so much for taking the time to speak despite a very, very full day that you've had. And just for context, people listening, if you hear a little bit of background noise, as Pat found the quietest space at the hotel he could find. So, just bear with us if you hear a few things in the background. I had the pleasure of meeting Pavel recently at a Biohacking Conference at an event in the evening. And just to set the context of it. During the day at the conference, there were these ecstatic screams almost happening from a bunch of people. When I went over to the balcony and looked down, I wondered what was going on, you have to imagine. But a huge bunch of people with headphones on, eye masks, super happy dancing, all curated and correlated bite by Pavel, and I was like, wow, this is so exciting. And then, in the evening, at the event, I was talking to somebody, a professional. And she was saying that this was the most life-changing experience she's ever had. And she was describing it to me as well. And then we had the pleasure of meeting. So, all in all, audience, I'm so excited that you get the chance to meet Pavel now. And I'm so excited to have you on. So, as a little context about this exciting work that you're doing. I'd love to start with the topic of hacking longevity through consciousness. So what does this mean, Pavel? And how does it work? What do you what do you do with this?

Pavel Stuchlik 3:32
Let's start with this whole journey through self-transformation that I think everybody's on and more intensely, especially in these last few years, you know, when health became such a huge topic, and so in a simple term, I've been biohacking for about seven years. In this process, I've been learning about myself, I've spent over half a million dollars on this to realize what that means to my life. And I was sick, I was depressed, I was unhappy. I had an autoimmune issue, chronic fatigue. I literally was sick every two weeks. And it's something that actually ended my professional cycling career, which, in the early phases, I actually race bikes all over the world. In this process, I've literally followed the footsteps of Ben Greenfield and Dave Asprey. I mean, anybody from Dr. Mercola? You know, Dr. Hyman, and I was like, Okay, if this is the path, let me take this on. Let me figure out for myself what I can do. And I spent the last 15 years essentially traveling the world and learning from some of the most sought leaders, gurus, healers, and psychics, I literally went on a crazy quest. And in this process, you know, that journey started with the physical body. I have my, you know, food sensitivities, my sleep, my attrition. And then I moved into my mind, where I had all of these limited self-beliefs about myself and about the life I'm living. And you know, my ego was not working. For me, it was working against me, which a lot of people, you know, find in today's life. And when I start really facing my thoughts, I move into my emotions. So I've noticed on this path that, you know, if we don't face strong moments, if we don't face past relationships and hurdles, we can't really experience this deep creativity. We are meant to, you know, live these joy and happy feelings we are meant to have. And so then in that, in that journey, I moved into the spirit. So, I actually created this thing called We Envy. So after all of these things, I've actually simplified biohacking just to dim down the version of what aspect of us that we are, you know, living in. Now, to me, it is the individual consciousness made up of your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Now, let's talk about spirit. Because that was your question and how I had consciousness. What I've noticed is that I can know every hack in the world, and I can follow every science in the world, but it's all subjective to the masses to the group. And it's also subjective to what the science wants to be showing you. And you know, 90% of science is made on men. And so what about the women in the world? And so, in this process, I spent one month with the psychics in Brazil. So I flew myself into a Brazilian village where it's all mediums and empaths. And I mean, it's as wildly will be wild as you can imagine. Whereas, you know, Brazil Adventures is, it's, it's close to Virginia, where Jonah's got us to perform his healing, and I've been there as well. But, you know, he's got a little bed right now with, with the things that, you know, came through. But anyway, so, I go in there, and I know all of these things somewhat already, right, like what to do to optimize your health, but I was blown away to knowing that there's actually, you know, five physical senses that the physical body yeah. And so, you know, think of the body as the hardware. There is the mind, which is the software. And this is why, you know, we got to reprogram the mind to work for us and to connect and integrate with the physical, but then there is this whole spiritual side of us, which, you know, whatever we call it, psychic senses, spiritual gifts or inner gifts, in intuition, you know, many different, you know, forms, that actually, is what we're meant to be listening to. So, the psychics told me, you know, leave your five senses behind, and we're going to open up your connection to this higher self. So, you know, this has been in, you know, overly, I think, maimed with many different names. But when I say higher self, I'm talking about the original source energy that gave you life at birth, and it will take that life away when we die, lifeforce mana prana chi, you know, whatever we might call it. Now, this lifeforce communicates with us through four senses. Now, there is that psychic hearing, seeing, knowing, and feeling. Now, everybody has this. And this is why I love talking about this in today's world. I actually have a psychic series coming out as an interactive learning course. Because it's incredible how this disinformation has been taken away from us, you know, to live this limited, fearful life instead of limitless, you know, joyful, loving life. Now, let's talk about the senses a little bit. So, first thing first, let's unbuckle the psychic hearing. It's the little whisper that we all have that is always having our back. It is our highest interest. So, I'm going to give you a few examples. Is that a whisper, saying, you know, stop watching Netflix at night? Maybe stop drinking alcohol? Start working out, you know. What is the last time that you took care of yourself and spent time with yourself? So that voice is quite silent? But everybody has it? Now that voice gets overblown by the ego or the mind, the software we've talked about. Now, in our life, you know, we want to do whatever feels good, right? We tend to, you know, reach for things that are quick results. And dopamine effect. Yes. And to rebuild that, that's a whole nother story. Yeah, yeah. Now, here's the deal. How we strengthen this muscle is through acknowledgment. So, if you hear that voice telling you to stop watching Netflix at night, you first acknowledge it. Thank you. I heard that. And then what you're going to do about that, which is you're going to turn it off and follow that, you know, Guided Action Now, that action Yes. Now, what I've noticed is, at first, this was like a concept that I, you know, taught was all Some, and I did know I have this voice. But what happened when I started listening to the voice? It changed my whole life around. Because, you know, just because we know all about biohacking, you know what's good for our physical body, for instance, it doesn't mean that that's what you need to do at that particular time. So, for example, you know, if you're always intermittent fasting, and if you always just follow supplements, in orders, times that you need to weave in, and we give out, but how do we tune in to actually hear this divine or higher part of us, you know, it starts with the hearing. Now, everybody has two or three more prominent ones. So, some people don't even hear the voice. This is why it's a good segue to talk about the psychic or inner theme. Now, this could be a vision projection right inside of your head. This could also be lucid dreaming. This can also be some people who really understand their dreams. But let me dim it down to an intrapreneur. For example, somebody who has a vision to create a new product, new business, or new idea that has never been created, yet they see it before it comes. So that's the psychic seen. And again, we're acknowledging, thank you, I saw that, strengthen a muscle and follow that. The third one is the empaths' psychic feeling. And it comes from your solar plexus, and it extends into your hands. And so this is what's used in Reiki and healing, you know, you're you're connecting with that, that that feeling part of yourself. And you, know, empaths, they usually say it doesn't, something doesn't feel right, or, you know, this, this decision just is not my decision. And I'll give you an example. If you go to a room, and there was a fight, you know, somebody really fought hard, then you know, something doesn't feel right. And that's when we use the psychic feeling. And the final one is the knowing or intuition. This is something that is the hardest one to discern because the mind and the ego can get in the way. And also our, you know, what we actually want to, you know, achieve might not be, you know, exactly what we align to align. And so that is when you knew that that person would cheat on you, you knew that that business partner wasn't the right choice, you shouldn't have gotten to the party. Now, how do you discern this, the easiest way? Is when you think you don't know, when you know, you don't think because when you start thinking in a second, go back into that mind, when you think you don't know, you know, you don't think yes, when you know, you do not think to require thinking,

Claudia von Boeselager 12:45
okay, so that knowing is when you're not actually thinking it's just, you know, haven't thought about versus, yes. Okay, got it?

Pavel Stuchlik 12:51
Well, you start thinking about it; that's when you jump back, and this is why it's good. You know, some people use muscle testing, you know, it's another way to test. But that's just testing or verifying. Now, if we want to get unlimited information from the source, this is when life starts really working for us. So, to bring it back to longevity, right? Now, for me, when I wake up, I ask the senses, you know, is this exercise the right thing to do for me, you know, should I be meeting, you know, this person wouldn't be and then of course, you gotta listen to it, you got to follow it, and you got to build the relationship with it as if it's your best friend. And just like a gym, you know, you go to the gym, you build your muscles. And without that time to spend. This is when meditation breathwork. And slowing everything down is a key component. Because life is like a piano keynote, you know, we can resonate at the high note, we can also resonate at the low note. And if we think of it as simple as you know, the good choices and bad choices, or the high choices and low choices, you know, it all comes from somewhere, right? And if we just follow our monkey brain, our mind, then we're limited to what we've learned in the past, projecting into the future. This is when you can step outside and start recreating a new life that is not based on a limited mindset. And this is when life becomes, you know, this massive amount of longevity. Because you're either regenerating with your choices, with your actions, with your thoughts, or you're degenerating. And this is when you know the physical body is just one aspect of you. And so this is why, you know, closing that into every presence of your life is going to change your life forever.

Claudia von Boeselager 14:38
So exciting to dig in. And I want to hear about some of the transformations that you've seen and also for yourself as well. But before we do just one really important point with this slowing down and carving out space. We're all so busy. We're all distracted all the time. How do you recommend or how do you help people today? You were saying you did the work. Trouble with all these CEOs, right? Like super busy running companies, growing businesses, families, whatever other commitments everyone has, what are some of the key practices that have helped you and that you teach and help people to be able to slow down?

Pavel Stuchlik 15:16
Yes. So, number one, it all starts with breath. Breath is what you're born with. Breath is what you die with what you do between your first breath and last breath, which determines the quality of your life. So if there's one tool, it starts now, so just observe your breath. You know, it has been scientifically proven that if you do this, five and a half seconds on inhale, through your notes, five and a half seconds on, exhale out your notes, first of all, your heart rate variability will go up, your stress will go down, and you're going to be operating in more of that coherent state of being. And second of all, I call this actually the instant presence tool that I like to use all throughout. So it starts with the breath, observing your breath in every situation, while you're listening, while you're driving, whenever you're going to watch it. And if you forget, it's okay. Just come back to it. Don't put any pressure, you know, on that. The second part is body awareness. So, you know, ask yourself, Where am I? You know, because most people are in their head, or on their phone, or somewhere outside of their body? And if we live our whole life outside of ourselves, then who do we? Who are we, you know? Who do we even know where all guns are coming from? We're literally gone. But that's the thing. We're gone all the time. You know, we have been getting lost on Instagram, in emails, and in meetings. And so when you bring this breath back, and then you when you relax, so the most important part is just staying relaxed. And being aware of your whole body. I like to imagine these bubbling champagne bubbles all around you. So when you're inhaling, you don't just deal with your nose. You inhale with your entirety of yourself, which allows you to relax. Yes, so that way, like every, well, you know, you, you're basically not in like a real accent like this, I would just say you just imagine it as if you're breathing through every pore of your skin. And that way, it keeps you in check to stay relaxed. What happens is when we give power out to the external, we stop breathing, we shallowly breathe, and we tense up. And then we go into fight or flight for no reason. And so to keep that outside of the fight or flight to be in that rest and digest, parasympathetic nervous system, we all it all starts with breath, body awareness. And then here's the third one. Can you pay attention to just silence beneath the noise? So let's say that you're in Times Square or Hyde Park for the UK purpose. You know, you are in a busy street, maybe the subway, you know, my favorite thing to do, even in a stadium, for example, is observing the silence underneath the noise. It's this beautiful way to take you back and stay in that slower vibration. So that way, you bring the power back to you. And then every life is not just unfolding around you, but for you. So that's one step that I tried to take as often as I can throughout the day.

Claudia von Boeselager 18:18
So beautiful. Yeah, this, this presencing like the power of now. And just coming back in coming to the body and through the breath as well. So yeah, thank you for sharing those. Let's talk about some of the transformations. So I love the remodel. I love the house and the simplicity, the simplicity of it, essentially. But it's just so profoundly powerful. What are some transformations that have happened for you, but also for people that you've worked with? I have

Pavel Stuchlik 18:45
failed, you know, every relationship I have failed, everything you can possibly imagine. I mean, I went from making millions to literally being homeless and having nothing be fasting for days and nights because I lost it all through the decisions that I've made. And so, in this process, it was brutal. I was playing ping pong, I was playing left and right, good days, bad days, highs and lows, and I had enough, which, by the way, the meaning of NOA|AON symbolizes duality, no means movement, an on his all or none. And it symbolizes a way to go back into harmony, go into the center, go into that place where you are no longer bound to duality, where you have these jumps, where you actually face your traumas, face your issues, face your mind, face your health problems, and then move above that, where you live in harmony, health, and happiness. It's the Triple H effect that we call that you receive from, you know, our experiences. Now, you know, we've worked with 1000s of people around the world throughout these years. And the amount of effect that we've been able to cultivate is immense because it's simplicity that needs to come back to life. You know, people always ask me what's your best biohack, and I say to Unhak everything you've ever known about everything and tunes into the source because then you're true, you know, spirit hacking, so to speak, you know, you know, in this transformation, you know, I identify that me we and be model. So, the individual consciousness we see is the collective consciousness that can be brought into the environment and into your relationships. So anything that affects you on a group art, and then being is the supra consciousness, you know, how did we get here, if the universe was created 13 point 5 billion years ago, you know, what made us come here, right, there's a higher aspect of us. Now, we operate on all three levels all the time. And what I've noticed in this process is that there's really just like four steps to this transformation. So, for me, it was my first awakening. I woke up that my relationships weren't working, I woke up that my mind was in a horrible state, and my physical body was unhealthy. So I basically took that maybe I break down my life into these segments. I did the real-life assessment. And then first I woke up. So that's the awareness. A simple state is, let's say that you go and get bloodwork, and then you are low on vitamin D, right? It's something very simple. That's the wake-up phase when you have data to start with. The second phase is the cleanup process. This is when you gotta let it go. And it was hard, we're letting things go, I thought that I had to keep it all and also add on. But it is not how it works, I got smacked left and right in every possible way. Because, you know, I had to let go of old business partners and old friendships and old, you know, thoughts and limited belief systems. So it's also the Easiest way if you're heavy on environmental toxins. You purge it out, and you detox right before you introduce the third phase, which is the power-up. So it's a wake-up, cleanup powerup. And in the powerup phase, this is when if you are low on vitamin D, you supplement vitamin D. This is when you bring new relationships, new habits, and new tasks. So then you go through this cycle until you hit the fourth part, which is the rest up and repeat. So, in the fourth stage of this journey, you have to unhook from everything. So if you do not unhook at least once a week from your phone, from your computer, from your families and friends, then how do you know who you are? Right? We are so obsessed with doing by constantly being busy and busy and busy that we essentially keep on having these voices telling us, you know, find your passion and find your purpose, do something, you know, different today. But we are not listening. And if we don't listen long enough, cancers, car crashes, you know, this is when dramatic events happen in our life because we have been ignoring this for so long that something's got to come. So, in order for us to not get sick, not to get all of these things. This is when, for me, once a week, I unhook from everything and everyone and everything else. And then I go inside into thinking about vacation, so to speak. So, I rethink and reassess how I want my life to be going forward, and then, once a month, I take three to four days completely off to create this bigger block and bigger distance. And once a year, I go and spend 10 days in a dark room with no food in the middle of Thailand, where I literally, you know, completely go in and realign my life. So, going forward. I've not done it four times. I know we're

Claudia von Boeselager 23:37
I'm going to hear all about this. Exactly. So we're gonna, let's dig into that in a second. decide to jump. I just want to say that it's once a week, you take a day off for how many hours do you take off

Pavel Stuchlik 23:47
the full day. So there's no level, there's no computer. The first part of the day I spend just with myself, the second part of the day I connect with my kids, my partner, and loved ones. So it's also we got to find the balance, right? How does physical

Claudia von Boeselager 24:02
physical, right? So you're not calling anybody. It's like whoever is there. With you got

Pavel Stuchlik 24:07
it. And also, I spend time with creativity, you know, reading education, anything that I want to bring back the good food, you know, for the mind, for the emotions, and for the physical. Yeah. And then yeah, once a month, it's something a little bit longer. I love going to a cabin or unhooked somewhere where there's no, you know, access to anything. Yeah. And you know, it's hard at first, it's hard to find this time, but if I don't do it, I forget about who I am. And that's a deep question that many mystics have been questioning for, you know, 1000s of years.

Claudia von Boeselager 24:38
Yeah, and the power would come from it. And this was our part of our conversation we were having as you were DJing at the same time, which we haven't even gotten to, and you were filling me in on this, like mind exploding amazing things that you're doing and so I was like, Okay, we have to have a deeper conversation about this. And so that the third part, so we've got the once a week, which I have Loved, some people call it digital detox. But I think you go above and beyond with that reconnecting with yourself because we're so busy. And you know, I have a daily meditation practice, but it's short, and life is busy. And just having a full day is just phenomenal. So these are my new goals. And then the ones that a month to find three to four days, at the moment, definitely feeling difficult, but again, something to inform. And then this once a year. So tell us about this once a year. How did it come to pass of you going to a dark cave with only drinking water and no food? Where did the original idea come from? Or how did you? How did it come to pass? And then why have you made this a yearly practice?

Pavel Stuchlik 25:40
It actually came through a Drunvalo Melchizedek workshop. So, I attended this opening illuminated hearts workshop about 12 years ago. I've been very far, you know, ago. And essentially what happened was, they were talking about all of these concepts and all of these amazing, you know, things in the workshop. But one of the prominent things was this healing with dark room, how, you know, ancient cultures have been using dark room, you know, to heal. You also see, I mean, there is a, I think it's called Cobis. In Colombia, they actually keep their kids until the age of 20 or 21. In the darkroom, just bring them out enough so they don't lose sight. And they call them the people that know, the ones who know him. It's mind-blowing. But what really stood out for me is that there's this amazing lady who's been my mentor, that I've had so much work. Her name is Justin Queen. And she's from Australia. And she is breatharian. She only is nourished by prana. And at first, you know, I didn't go there because I wanted to get initiated into this chronic lifestyle. But it happened as a side effect, where it took me two weeks after the 10 days of not eating before I became hungry again because of the lifestyle that I was living. It is so mind-blowing, and I know what you're thinking. This is out there as far as it gets. And let me tell you, until I had a personal experience, to actually really, this is real, this is possible. It's incredible. So you live this lifestyle where you keep your high and don't really die. And basically, you're fasting until you don't reach the full 100% pranic nourishment. So what should I be doing? I people have to rethink that altogether. Because we are actually eating when we're there all the time, but a different source of food. And that is the original source, the love life, chi mana, you know, many, many mistakes, call it many different ways, but it is possible. And it starts with, you know, eating less, you know, binding, more liquid diet, it starts with removing all of the toxicity and pesticides and, you know, MSG out of our diet. That way, you can lighten up enough and live this lifestyle that will make you stop eating so much. So for me now, by the way, I eat about once a day, Max and the rest is a liquid diet. And again, it's it's it takes time to meditate. It's time I live this eight-point lifestyle, no matter where I go. And that really helps me, you know, stay afloat, keep the energy high.

Claudia von Boeselager 28:21
So, I want to touch on a point you were talking about. This is something I've been working on personally as well, like tapping intuition into intuition, learning to trust it, and learning to listen to it as well. And it definitely is a process, especially when we become so rationalized in our mind we use our mind for everything. And I have some friends that are super attuned and really like hearing their intuition, like very loud and clear. And so some people may be saying, you know, I'd love to listen to my intuition more, but I don't hear it, or it's not there. Like, I don't think it's there. What are some tools and strategies you would recommend for practicing what you talked about, like acknowledging it and saying thank you, but if someone's like, you know, I'm trying, but I don't hear anything? What are some suggestions you have when people for people,

Pavel Stuchlik 29:08
so it's all about brainwaves, we're actually that we're in. So if we look at it from more of the neuroscientific pathway, right, we're either in beta and we're in a high beta, which is that, you know, active brain mind anxiety busy you know, it's we're always on edge right in this in this in this beta frequency. Now, if we're constantly in beta and have to continue being busy, then we're not going to hear it. So this is what you know, meditation and specifically breath work really do its work because it bypasses that monkey brain when you, you know, do enough rounds. And you know, something by the way we can give is an on-demand library with this recording. So anybody that wants to, you know, go on this journey will have it at no cost, and you Essentially, what happens is when you do meditation, right, you kind of first drift into that alpha. So the alpha state is the one step closer to God or to the universe, and what alpha can do, that's that creative side of us, you know, just as when we're ready to tackle the world, but not from this busy overdoing, but most of that state of being, then you've got fader. And this is when it starts getting interesting. That's the restorative, you know, subconscious mind, which, especially through breath and even longer meditations, can be accessed. And here's the thing: when you are in meditation, and you're like, Am I there yet, right? We're still in the brain. So this is why it really takes that trigger to get out of that Brainwave. And this is also why, you know, there's a lot of tools, like your adviser brain tap, you know, there's a lot of different tools out there, you can also use to help you hack that. Yeah. Now, when you hit data, you can have a 10-minute pay-to-experience, and it replaces an hour of sleep, you know, yoga, Nidra is something that is being practiced, and believes that you know, 20 minutes of yoga nidra will give you two hours of sleep. So, this is when you can start accessing this communication. Now, of course, throughout the day, if you're aware of your breath, if you work with the body awareness, you're in a relaxed state, you're going to be much more adherent to here. And creating space and pauses between meetings between calls, even just three seconds, you know, you inhale, for, let's say that six, you exhale, for six, you pause your hold your breath, just anything that will cause your monkey brain. And that will bring you back into the body, you're going to start having, you know, this, the senses come through. Now, not everybody can hear. So it's also important to not be hard on yourself because you might, it might come from the most interesting ways at first. And being aware enough in this process is really the key. And that's why I teach the instant presence so much because it's the levels of awareness that you bring into every moment. And so, you know, getting if you've never done a deep breath work session, you know, do it, I highly advise you because it is going to, you know, open this thing up. And then constant practice and coming back is also going to do that. So, you know, long story short, I think these are good, short dips. And then I think the rest would be that lifestyle, that a point lifestyle that you know, you want to live.

Claudia von Boeselager 32:35
So, can you explain the work that you're doing now? And we've been you're having a high demand flying around the world, transforming people's lives. But how are you doing that? Can you talk about that?

Pavel Stuchlik 32:46
Yeah. So, after those 15 years, I took the tools that actually work and that had scientific backing behind them. So that way, for our analytical minds, we have, you know, both sides. So, I think one thing that we found a sweet spot in is that what we're doing is not weird. I mean, it's fun, right? You see, people have fun, they scream, they laugh, they dance. And you know, that's about life, where we stop having fun, you know, and so just to simply don't see this meditation as this deep regimen, and that I have to do every day, you know, let it flow. This is when the feminine needs to come through, you know, our life and rebalance both sides of the masculine and feminine. So we know when to be forcing things and when we direct things, but we also know when to dance and to have fun and when to be creative. And so in the work that we do, we have basically a kind of like a menu. So there is this system reset tool, which is anything from the breath to dance meditation. I call it a BDM. And I come from the EDM. And so we're like, how do we, you know, reconfigure this, and I find a secret recipe in this combination, it really works. So you do the deep work, breath work at first, and you face all of these emotions and pods and people through the work. And then you go and celebrate and dance and manifest just like the ancient tribes, you know, the ancient tribes of Africa, they dance for rain, they dance for food, they dance for a good season of harvesting, and I love that because you literally can manifest through that. And then the meditational part, you know, we grounded back in, we come back to Earth because to live a successful life here. You know, it's not about being this high achiever and then having no life. It's about balancing, you know, the spiritual, the physical, the mental, the relational, you know, all of that. So, in system reset, we do immersive experiences, anywhere from one to four hours. We also do conscious raves where we literally take people on a deep aesthetic dance journey, which we call the ex-DC, getting ecstatic. Then we also have hybrid breathwork, a combination of many different breaths to achieve, you know, mental and Emotional resilience. And then we also have something called sensory seduction, where we blindfold people, we do a cooking show, we have like a culinary experience. And people are taking on a new conscious way of, you know, dining and, it goes on with, you know, immersive stuff. Then we've got our workshop, which is like a full day, something that we did here in Kuala Lumpur to date. And then we have the retreats. So anything from, you know, three-day all the way to 10-day retreats. And in those, we combine anything from plant medicine, medical biohacking retreats that are more based on stem cells, exosomes ozone, as well as we have the Wim Hof style retreats, it's a cold immersion, we take people through brutal, you know, week off, of ice. And then, finally, we have the system reset retreat, which is a combination of a little bit of everything,

Claudia von Boeselager 35:53
which is really phenomenal. So, I'm excited to try some of these as well. I probably have to connect when the next ones are, and I need to go on a few more, too. So what have been some of the most profound moments for you where you feel like you've had exponential growth or transformation, like knowing the tools, knowing what you're teaching, I feel like you know, Joseph Campbell's hero's journey? Personally, I think the philosophy I'm getting is actually in our lifetime, we go through several cycles of it. With every new layer or level that we attain, we set a new belief system, but then we learn more. And then we break that system, and we go on to on our path to then learn new insights to go then and teach those as well. So, what have been some of those biggest transformations or biggest insights that you've had? Since being on this transformed path?

Pavel Stuchlik 36:43
Yeah, so I would call those the pivotal moments, right, that kind of like aware of the transitional. So, I think my first pivotal moment was when I was about 17 years old. I wanted to become a professional athlete, but I, you know, didn't have the means properly to do it. My dad literally gave me a choice: you either go to school and your life is paid for, or you do your little cycling thing, and you're gonna have to figure it out. And so, in that process, I actually started my first business. And I started trading between Alibaba and eBay. This was before Alibaba was what it is: carbon bike frames. Now, in this, I actually became a professional athlete, and I used all of the travel to sell my carbon frames to all these bike shops basically. And it led me to this pivotal moment when I got sick. And basically, instead of recovering after seven-hour bike rides and races, I was in a COVID factory, and I was building this business. And I was like, where's dropship, and where's the shipment? And it grew, so much so that I actually collapsed in the Czech national race. So I literally was racing, and I woke up in the hospital, and my body shut down completely. Chronic fatigue, Epstein Barr CMV virus, I literally was like the host of all of these, you know, things because the, you know, the immune system was was gone from the cycling. And essentially, I had to quit. And so I fell into a massive depression. I had a huge amount of depression and suicidal thoughts. I mean, I was bribed. And it led me to move to America to basically start a new chapter, which was the next intrapreneur age of myself. And, you know, in a long story short, I ended up finding something called Orangetheory fitness, which is high-intensity interval training, training with the heart monitor. And I was this kid, I was 22 years old, walked in there. And I essentially, you know, was asked, when two days if you can figure this out, we're going to give you the state of Georgia REITs. And it was their polite way, I think, to, you know, say fuck off, you're not gonna, you're not gonna, you know, do it, man, figure this out, I was able to find the funds move to Atlanta. And, you know, start this, this business that, within six months, became the fastest growing region in the entire country. And so then I teamed up with a president with a CEO, and I, you know, built locations from New York all the way to Hawaii. And so, at the peak, I had about 100 locations under my belt with a massive amount of, you know, employees. And that was my second pivotal moment, I was depressed again. I was sick and tired of making, you know, all of this money and all of these things, and it just wasn't, you know, I wanted more. The quest kept on going for just meaning of life is and is this is, you know, are we supposed to just, you know, at this game and have all this success and for what, and so during this time, you know, I was drinking a lot, I got into different drugs that I was, you know, living this crazy life, flying private jets and wasting all of my money in this process. And you know, I did commit myself as an intrapreneur that every three months, I'm going to do something ridiculous, something out of my comfort zone. And so that's, by the way, what led me to Wim Hof that sort of led me to a dark room; that's what led me to a samurai camp in Japan. I learned how to be a samurai, as well as you know, which led me to Brazil. And so, in this, I walk into the darkroom for the first time. And this is about seven years ago, this busy entrepreneur who wanted to leave my cell phone behind. And it wasn't until day seven I lost it. I started crying and crying. And I finally felt myself for who I am, not for who I am not. And for the first time, I had this vision, this calling, and this is when, you know, I didn't hear the voices or anything either, until I had this time, and basically didn't know Aeon came about. So I walked out of that, you know, cave or that dark room. And I decided to, pretty much, you know, sell all that I had and move into service; I wanted to do something greater for others. Now, a couple of years later, this is when I lost everything, I lost my marriage, I, you know, I lost all of the money, all of the gains, because I was totally on the opposite spectrum of, you know, this grow. And so what happened was, you know, I told him that the spiritual was the good route, but I didn't realize that there is the physical as well. And that, you know, just because you tell University want to be in service, it's got to shave it all off because it's going to make sure it aligns you and integrates you fully. And so, what happened was, it took me on this journey through lots of darkness, I, you know, got into really that, you know, lifestyle. And, you know, I was touring as a DJ, and I walked out, and I wanted to do with this music, but I was in nightclubs at festivals. And, you know, it brought me really, really dark until I finally, you know, had enough took charge of my life. And I integrated, you know, my passion and my purpose and what I call legacy. So my passion is still music, and I keep on creating now, you know, frequency sounds on a modern beat. My purpose is to teach people and workshops how not to go to these extremes. My legacy is to support helping and building our conscious-driven businesses. So that way, we have this outlet, this platform that is fully integrated with who I am today.

Claudia von Boeselager 42:46
so beautiful and so touching as well. Thank you for sharing all these details. You mentioned before about biohacking and unpacking and, you know, my people, my audience of different biohackers and different hacks people can do. And I really liked this concept of unpacking, right? Because we think we have to take the 20 supplements every day, we have to meditate like there are certain routines that we have, and yes, routines do make sense. Like you have your routine of once a week right taking your time off. But what are some of the most important things you would say to unpack or break free from

Pavel Stuchlik 43:22
so there is a great ratio right of educating ourselves and getting the right food to understand ourselves, but the understanding is still limited to our today science or to whatever we have learned. Now, this is when you know the consciousness comes back into the play. Because, you know, I've literally done everything when it comes to what the biohacking pathway has been taken on us. I've injected every joint with themselves. I did, you know, all the ice, the cold to go to my home and the machines. I mean, it's like a biohacking lab.

Claudia von Boeselager 43:54
I've got a few myself there.

Pavel Stuchlik 43:58
And you know, it's all awesome, and it's all great. But if we're not in touch with this higher aspect of us, then tell you what happened. So, the first thing for us was that I was overly stressed. So I was doing cold way too much. You know. So it's like a lot of people start doing the Wim Hof Method. And then they do cold all the time, but they don't realize the number of stressors that we're putting on through travel or through meetings through business. You know, it is not always good to be stressed. But, you know, our monkey brain is going to tell us just as the science is good for you, you know, do it every day or whatever, right? And now, again, we're not listening to what the body actually needs. And so that will be back Unhak. So it's a dichromatic, right, that I'm talking about. It's like, yes, you do it. Yes, you find it. But there is a limit to everything that you, you know, can take. The next thing was if you have an Epstein Barr or if you have chronic fatigue and you put stem cells in your body. It's going to quantify the pathogens and the negative cells. as well. So I did this thing for 80 grand right to change everything completely. And I've never felt worse. The three months after I had the worst joint pain, I literally did it wrong. And the reason why I'm saying this today is because I don't want you to do the same. whoever's listening, because you've got to ask, you got to build this inner connection with yourself to know, is this good for me? Is this what I require right now? And the same goes for supplements, you know, over supplementing, especially in biohacking, I think is very much happening. And analyzing even more. So, you know, with technology with reporting with tracking, we tend to be so obsessed by, you know, ordering, and by, you know, all of these devices, but here's the thing, you know, you use it, you learn it, and then you apply it with your divine calling, you know, is this what I mean? I don't like heart rate monitors, right? You know, if you are in vo to, you know, when you're in endurance, and you use the data to learn about yourself, but then you ask yourself, you know, you will just feel it. So, that's a little bit of unpacking.

Claudia von Boeselager 46:10
I really liked that too. And it's really tapping into higher states of consciousness, trusting yourself. So that was a big piece for me, too. And like my limiting belief systems like, I always had to learn more, do more, and ask more people to make sure double check, triple check. Because, you know, how could I know everything right? And so just sitting with it again and tapping into trusting oneself. And also like, you know, that voice does get louder. So I've thankfully had that experience over the last years of listening more to intuition and hearing, it's more often as well, I like what you were saying at the beginning about saying thank you, like, you know, being like, Okay, thank you for the guidance, thank you for the intuition, and being able to tap into that and trust that as well. So also such an important point, you know, everyone is optimizing, and a lot of the times it's optimizing around us and like our health, but like, how are we optimizing our spiritual practice? How are we optimizing our higher state of self and feeding that and nourishing that and having the time in the calendar, like weekly, to really free up space and to check in? I mean, one of the practices I tried to do is once a week, do a one-hour deep meditation. Now I've done the TM, mandatory meditation training, and I've done a bunch of different things. And I have a brain tap and all these other wonderful devices and things. But I really find that the gold is after those 40 minutes. And that's probably when you start dropping into theta brainwaves. And that third, 40 minutes to 60 minutes, is when you really just feel like a whole energetic shift that comes through as well. So I think having different practices, but I am going to up my game now after speaking with you. I will try and do one digital detox day a week and just be super, super present. So thank you for this beautiful advice and knowledge and insights,

Pavel Stuchlik 48:04
we all have a masculine and feminine part inside of us, right? And so the masculine is telling us more is better, right? lengthy times, and let me tell you something, it's all patterning and processes that we've been taught, right, that more, more is better. But we know, especially with meditation, it's really how quickly you can access that state because sometimes five minutes, you know, can do so much more. And I will show you one of our short system resets. our meditations are literally 10 to 12 minutes, and you can access some of these states, you know, without having to, you know, take forever, right? But what I want to summarise this with is this simple, you know, the term, it's the BE, DO, and have. Now, most people live the opposite. They have to have the right relationships, have the right time, have the right gadgets, and have the right partner before they take the right action. And you know, nowadays we are this this this society of doers, right we became such crazy doors, and then we will a lot of people don't ever become that thing, the Beingness now, if you reverse this, you are what you want to be you think you save and make up the action of that being of what you want to express. Then you do the right things, meaning you take the podcast education, you know, you learn about things, or you take the right steps forward. And then you have the results as a natural flow of law of resonance as a natural flow of your, you know, being doing and having. And so it's a paradigm shift that really makes a huge leap in this world.

Claudia von Boeselager 49:50
I love that as well. I heard Terry Crews talk about it once. And I think the book was the master key to riches, where they talk about it as well like you need to be in order to do in order to have I am. I love that paradigm shift around it. Because people come, and when you start acting from a place of scarcity and fear and making decisions from there like that, you never end up in a good place. And this is stuff I do with my discussions with my clients as well. And it's just like tapping into, like, what do you love? And what do you want to create? And from that level, it is like, Okay, well, what are the actions that I take from there? And not from the like, oh, well, what if the, you know, my boss thinks this or like, I have to do this? Because I'm, you know, I'm worried about doing that? Well, it's like, no, that's creating from the wrong space. So I love that model. I love the simplicity. I love how he brought it all brought it together, but it is also really beautiful. If you could live to 150 years old, with excellent health, how would you spend your time?

Pavel Stuchlik 50:51
It's funny, I, I think I will continue, you know, exploring through these steps that I've been in, you know, described today. And so what I've noticed, you know, I have not mastered anything but the transformation itself. Because the minute we think that we've mastered something, we've lost it all because there's this new Unlocking Potential that we have throughout life, I want to continue exploring this potential on every level of that, may we be that, you know, I lived through, and I think, for me, I've really loved more create creation. So creativity is something that has been, you know, really buckled down. And a lot of people don't think they're, they're creative because they don't spend enough time, you know, outside of the doing, but really accessing the states of just, you know, bringing in this new food, this new information, this creation, through dance, music or art. I mean, when we spend time in timelessness, we refuel our emotions. And so, you know, our emotions have been so under, you know, starved. And so I think having fun and enjoying and traveling and exploring and, you know, building, I think that will be amazing. But again, you know, I think things shift to once you get older, you might be interested in other parts, but I do never want to, you know, get stuck in, you know, slowing down, when it comes to this creativity, where you're

Claudia von Boeselager 52:22
on a very beautiful path, and you're growing younger, clearly with the whole process, so I think it's when you're in this when you do what you love, and you can tell this, but people you have this passion, you have this energy, this youthfulness that just stays forever and ever. So we can tell already you'll be here for a long time. However, what excites you most about the future of health, longevity, and well-being over the coming years and beyond?

Pavel Stuchlik 52:48
So, you know, I've been working on this project to measure group coherence and brain coherence, basically. And so what excites me is actually something that I, I, you know, what we're bringing to the market, and essentially, we're creating something like peloton for your brain. So right now, we were able to figure out a way to have people in groups from anywhere around the world on this little EEG device, this little headband. And we figured out a way that it's 83% accurate, which is actually clinically proven, accurate, and you can be accurate. And you could be moving as well, which has not been done before. So what is coming for me is my goal is to bring 1 million people into a coherent state, where we can create a quantum leap or quantum shift as mankind. So my whole life, everything's been around unity. That's literally the biggest vision I have: how do we unify the world, one person at a time, through all these amazing tools, but now we're going to be able to measure it. So my goal is that we literally create classes, so it's alive on demand and courses that you will be able to use with technology. We'll also be able to use it in our events. So when we do retreats, workshops will be able to, you know, show this in real life. But most importantly, we now know, so we're using a lot of the Stateflow algorithms we're using the coherence based on Joe Dispenza. And so we're using all of these amazing things to bring people together into, you know, online or in person and prove and show them in real life. For example, with a trigger of colors or light or sound, how they are hitting the group coherence, not just the person but group, and so we don't, you know, rise as a civilization until we stop being Mee Mee Mee, you know what's in this for me? We gotta go into the wee wee wee because that's what we're made out of, you know, we didn't come here just for the single drop. We came here to experience all of it.

Claudia von Boeselager 54:52
Oh, super, super exciting. When is that coming about? What's the timeline for that?

Pavel Stuchlik 54:57
So in three months, we're gonna have the version that will do it, not live. So we're gonna have an on-demand version where people are able to take classes, whatever, it's breathwork, meditation, sound healing, dance, you know, all of that with the technology. And then in about six to 12 months, we're gonna have the live version we're just working on. We need a lot of work, a lot of servers to be able to, you know, be able to do this. But we have it. We now can do it for, you know, 50-plus people. So, in classes, no problem. But online, we are still upgrading the software.

Claudia von Boeselager 55:33
Super, super exciting. I wish you huge success with that as well. covers for my listeners interested in understanding your work better and what you're up to. Where would you direct them to what websites are following you on social media? Where can they find out more?

Pavel Stuchlik 55:49
Yeah, so and NOAAON are official for social media. And then with today, so in the description, we'll send you guys a free on-demand library, as well as, you know, if you want to test out any, you know, concepts, so that way, you know, you can feel what we're talking about not just you know, hear this.

Claudia von Boeselager 56:13
Yeah, perfect. We'll link everything in the show notes for everyone as well. So yeah, so beautiful. thought we'll do one final ask or recommendation or any parting thoughts or message for my audience today?

Pavel Stuchlik 56:26
You know, I'm so grateful for being here. I'm so grateful to you. Because I don't think, you know, I always say the work that you're doing to open people up, you know, to education, which creates motivation, which creates inspiration that has these results as a result of it. It is so important in this vortex of new stuff is food that is not media. So, kudos to you. And thank you for, you know, opening it is my biggest thing is, you know, stop being limited. It is time to be limitless. And that starts with you with your breath with the power that you can resonate with every interaction. So start seeing the light, the joy, the gifts in everything and everyone

Claudia von Boeselager 57:10
but oh, yes to that. Thank you so much, Cabo, for coming to share your joy, your amazing story, and all the work you're doing. I look really forward to having you on, hopefully, again, to fill us in on what you've been doing over the coming months and looking back at that. So, thank you again so much. Thank you so much

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