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#72: Dr. Dale Bredesen - on why cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s can now be optional

#70: Larisa Petrini - On Sleep Deprivation, Aging, Skincare Secrets and Myths

#71: Claudia On Purpose In Health And Wellness Routines, Neurodegenerative Diseases Prevention

#69: Dr Molly Maloof - On Love & Longevity, Childhood Trauma, Psychedelics

#67: BioCharger NG’s On Using Nature’s Healing Energy to Combat Harmful Man-made Energy 

#68: Recap Episode On Stress Resiliency, How To Counteract Negative Man-Made Energies, The Benefits Of Olive Oil

#66: Dr. Jay Wiles On Heart Rate Variability - What Is It and How to Measure It Stress Response

#64: Remix and Must read Books with Amy Killen, Kien Vuu, Sergey Young, Mohammed Enayat, Marie...

#65: Dean Graziosi on How to Thrive During Economic Winter, Fortifying Your Mind in Challenging Times  



#73: Claudia with Leighanne Champion - On Mindset, Gratitude, Self-Care Techniques 

#74: Maziar Brumand On Metabolic Health: Glucose Levels, Biofeedback, ‘Healthy’ Food Myths

#75: Dr. Jennifer Garrison - On Extending Female Reproductive Longevity, Ovarian Aging

#76: Airofit - On Breathwork & Respiratory Muscle Training, Mouth Vs. Nasal Breathing

#77: Recap Episode - On Love & Longevity, Overcoming Sleep Deprivation, Prioritising Self-Care

#78: Top Tips on How to Reverse Cognitive Decline, Memory Loss and Dementia at Any Age with Claudia

#79: Dr. Louise Swartswalter On Brain Soul Success Hacks, Releasing Emotional Baggage And Trauma

#80: Dr. Austin Perlmutter On Brain Health & It’s Importance To Happiness & Quality Of Life,

#81: L&L Quick Tip - Brain Boosting with Omega-3

#82: L&L Quick Tip - Breathwork like a Navy Seal

#63: Dr. Limor Goren On Olive Oil - Myths and Truths, Brain Function, Fighting Cancer Cells

#62: Dr. Richard Johnson On The Role of Dehydration in Metabolic Diseases, Salt’s Detrimental Impact

#91: L&L Quick Tip - How To STAY SANE When Traveling With Kids

#90: Claudia On Decision Fatigue, What It Does To You and How To Fix So You Can Upgrade Your Decision-Making

#89: L&L Quick Tip - Why You Should Try Intermittent Fasting

#88: Dr. Joseph Antoun - on Fasting, How to Reset for Longevity, The Fasting Mimicking Diet, and more 

#87: L&L Quick Tip -

#86: Your Ultimate Health Optimization & Biohacking Gift Guide 2022

#83: Dr. Julia Jones - On Optimizing, Biohacking Your Brain Health & Extending Your Lifespan

#84: Chris Mirabile - On Top Tips to Get into Ketosis, Genetic Testing, Epigenetic Drivers 

#85: L&L Quick Tip - Cold Exposure

I’m Claudia von Boeselager

Meet Claudia

I’m Claudia von Boeselager
Performance coach, detail-loving educator, big-thinking entrepreneur, podcaster, mama, passionate adventurer, and health optimization activist here to help people transform their lives, and reach their highest potential! All rolled into one.

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Dr. Dale Bredesen - on why cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s can now be optional

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