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#94: Olga Kaplan - On Ancient Tantric Practices For Modern Day Love - How To Keep The Passion, Intimacy..

#95: - Claudia - On The Benefits of Nasal Breathing, Fix Dysfunctional Breathing

#96: - Sakiko Reuterskiöld - On Why Sugar Is So Addictive, Healthy Sweetness Steps To Quit Sugar

#97:  Patrick McKeown - On Breath & Why We Need to Stop Mouth Breathing

#92: Claudia Von Boeselager On Ready to finish the year on a high note 

#100: Claudia - On The Art Of Saying NO Gracefully

#101: Brooke Schnittman On ADHD Superpowers, Masking, Neurodiversity and more

#102: Dr. Natalia Spierings - On Skincare Secrets, Vaseline Benefits, How Stress and Menopause Affect Skin

#103: Adele Wimsett - On The Connection Between The Menstrual Cycle And ADHD Symptoms and more (ADHD Series)

#105: Dr. Carolina Reis - On Reversing Skin Aging, Skin Longevity, Removing Senescent Cells, And More

#106: Dr. Kelly Starrett - On The Ready State, Mobility and Range of Motion and More

#107: Dr. Alan Bauman - On Reversing Hair Loss, The Art Of Hair Transplants, The Scalp Microbiome and more

#108: Max Gotzler - On Flow State, Biohacking, Peak Performance and more

#109: Kayla Osterhoff - On Optimizing Female Potential In The Workplace, Biohacking Hacks, and more

#111: Kim Raine - On ADHD Coaching For Business, Hyperfocus Ability, Diagnosis Later In Life, and more

#112: Eugene Butcher - On The Art Of AcroYoga, Connection, Learning To Trust Yourself

#114: Reed Davis - On Functional Medicine, Sharing Key Longevity Metrics You Need to Track

#115: Dr. Anshul Gupta - On Reversing Hashimoto's Disease Naturally

#117: Dr. Cat Meyer - On Secrets to Longevity and a Better Sex Life 

#118: Leslie Kenny - On The Anti-Aging Powers of Spermidine: Nature’s Fountain of Youth 

#119: Kashif Khan - On 
Functional Genomics: The Link Between Genes and Environmental Health

#120: Shawn Wells - On The Ultimate Guide to Longevity Supplements and Psychedelics

#121: Dr. JoAnn Manson - On The Truth About Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopause

#116: Dr. Dominik Nischwitz - On Healing Chronic Inflammation Through Biological Dentistry

#113: Dr. Jennifer Garrison - On Delaying Menopause And Ovarian Aging For Longevity

#110: Dr. Marcy Cole - On Conscious Co-Parenting, Key Strategies For Kids To Thrive During Divorce, and more

#104: Mario Chamorro - On Spreading Happiness, Mental Health, Stoicism, Happiness Hacks and more

#93: L&L Quick Tip - Don't Fear Failure

#98: Sergey Young On The Top 10 Strategies for longevity

#99: John Gray - On Love Relationship Success, How Hormones Impact Our Relationships



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